During the pandemic, many people in the US were obliged to switch to working from home. During breaks in the working day and time off work on the weekends and so on, many Americans began to fall in love again with the great outdoors and appreciate outside spaces much more. We have come up with a brief guide outlining the reasons why there is a trend of people moving out of large highly populated urban cities and into smaller quieter towns

The Desire to Lead a More Quiet and Peaceful Way of Life

Let’s be honest, life in the big cities in the US such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, can certainly be stressful. Urban spaces can feel hectic and chaotic at times and cities are often home to a wide range of issues. There’s overpopulation and many people living in cramped neighbourhoods, congested roads and highways, high air pollution levels, the difficulty of finding good quality schools for your kids to attend and so on.

Many people in the post-pandemic climate in the USA are currently opting to move away from big urban metropolises to smaller size communities. Living in a smaller community is undoubtedly a quieter way of life where you will find yourself getting to know all your neighbours and feeling part of the community by making connections with important local figures such as local store owners and so on. If it’s a quieter and slower pace of life you are after, moving to a smaller community from the city could be a wise life choice.

There are So Many Beautiful Smaller Communities Outside Big Cities in the USA with Lots to Offer

There’s definitely plenty of choice when you’re looking to move away to a smaller town. We suggest doing plenty of research online and visiting different towns in person to get a real vibe for the area before looking round a home or putting in an offer. Wilmington, for example, is a beautiful quaint small port city in North Carolina on the East coast home to stunning beaches on its doorstep, an ideal place to move to for anyone who wants to escape any of the big cities on the East Coast of the USA. If you’re looking for a real estate agents in Wilmington, you should take a look at EZ Home Search and use the search tools and helpful filters on their website to find a home suitable for you.

Many Have Adapted to Remote Working and Made Their Home Their Office

Another reason why so many find the idea of moving to smaller communities so appealing in the post-pandemic world is because many who previously worked in big offices in the city center no longer need to go into the office due to working remotely. Even with the lifting of restrictions, many companies have nevertheless continued to persist with remote working, meaning that employees still don’t have to go into an office.

Therefore, this has led to many people no longer seeing the benefit of living in an urban area as they no longer have to commute and travel to work. Instead, they can set up an ideal office space at home and in their free time enjoy the quieter lifestyle and heading down to the peaceful friendly local shops, restaurants, and bars which have a real sense of community.

Claire Preece