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Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth and prepare for retirement. It has long been used as a wealth building tool, which’s why real estate makes the world’s 90% of millionaires.

You can start by investing in an affordable real estate project like Tab City and keep diversifying your portfolio by investing in other projects.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in real estate to ensure early retirement.

You need less money to start

The first thing you’ll notice when investing in real estate is that it costs less to start.

You also get a better return on investment than if you were just investing in stocks or bonds. The returns from real estate are higher because they’re tied more closely to inflation than other investments and can also be used as cash flow or rental income (which means more money coming in).

Real estate is a more secure investment than stocks and bonds.

If you’re wondering why real estate is a better investment than stocks, it’s because it’s less volatile. The stock market fluctuates a lot more than the price of real estate. This can make it riskier for investors to invest in the market, but not so much when it comes to purchasing real estate.

Real estate has also been known for being more stable over time than other investments like stocks or bonds (which tend to go up and down with inflation). With this stability comes longevity as well; you can put your investment on hold while yielding rental income and sell it at a high return when needed.

Leverage can help you become a millionaire faster

Leverage is an investment strategy in real estate. You can leverage others’ money to invest in real estate and yield rental income. Typically, you get a loan from your lender at a suitable interest rate and invest the borrowed money in building real estate assets.

Real estate will provide rental income while appreciating in value over time as well.

It provides a stable income

Real estate is a long-term investment, so it provides a stable income that you can count on. This means that your investment will always be there for you, and it won’t lose value like stocks or bonds do. Real estate also provides tangible assets (such as houses, apartments and businesses), which can be sold at any time if needed for extra cash flow.

Real estate offers tax benefits

There are many tax benefits to owning real estate. First, you can deduct depreciation on your mortgage. This is the amount you pay each year to get the loan, and it reduces your taxable income. In addition, capital gains from selling your home are tax-free when you sell it for more than what you paid for it in a given year.


Investing in real estate is a great way for you to build wealth, diversify your portfolio and reduce risk. Whether you are looking to retire early or simply want to generate some extra income from your current investments, investing in real estate can help you achieve your goals. The best part is that if you choose wisely and invest wisely, there’s no reason why this journey shouldn’t be an enjoyable one.

Claire Preece