When planning to live in the UK, there are many places you can make that move. Essex is one of the most peaceful places you can live and work. There are many towns in Essex like Chelmsford, Saffron Walden, and Colchester, which makes this one of the favorite locations for those who want to live and do business.

However, buying property here may be quite tricky if you are doing it for the first time. As a first-time homebuyer in Essex, here is a guide to help you go through the conveyancing process.

1 – Research the property market 

If you’re planning to buy property in Essex, UK, the first thing to do is research widely for any potential property you can buy. You should start your search on newspapers, magazines, and property websites.

You can also seek word of mouth referrals from friends and colleagues if you are planning to buy property in the UK.

2 – Get a real estate agent 

Buying property for the first time in Essex may be quite tricky. There are many towns in this part of the UK, and you want to ensure you are getting the best offer in the right location. So, whether you are looking for property in Colchester or Felsted, you should get a real estate agent to hold your hand.

A real estate agent knows all the corners in Essex and will help you choose the right property to buy, looking into all the important things you need in your next property.

3 – Set a budget 

How much are you looking forward to spending on a property in the UK? If you want to buy a home, you should first set your budget clearly. Find out how much you have in savings and whether you qualify for a mortgage.

You should also apply for a mortgage. Your real estate agent or conveyancing solicitor will help you find the best mortgage lender to help finance your buying. If you don’t have all the money to buy a property outright, you will have to apply for a mortgage from a lender. You will pay the deposit for the property, and the lender gets to clear the pending balance.

4 – Get the property survey 

When buying property in Essex, you should do due diligence. Get the property surveyed by an authorized and licensed surveyor. This will help you establish the actual location of the property you intend to buy. Remember, the property’s location is just as good as the property itself.

 5 – Hire a conveyancing solicitor 

It is vital that you also hire Essex conveyancing solicitors when planning to buy a home in Essex. Leading conveyancing solicitors such as AVRillo can help with all the legal work in buying the property. Your conveyancing solicitor will go through the legal documents and contracts on your behalf, making it easy. They are also the top conveyancing solicitors in Leicester.

They will explain all the legal processes involved in buying the property and ensure you only sign the contract once all the pending issues on the purchase are identified and clarified. Your solicitor will deal directly with the sellers’ solicitor and make buying the property hassle-free.

You need a conveyancing solicitor by your side when buying property in Essex because they can help in exchange for contracts and do all the transactions.

Final Thoughts 

A lot is involved when conveyancing or buying property in the UK. When you plan to buy property in Essex, you want to ensure you have an experienced conveyancing solicitor to take you through the process.

A conveyancer will hold your hand throughout the conveyancing process, pay for the property and agree on a completion date with the seller’s solicitor.

Rachel Sterry