Quick Quote Conveyancing Comparison

If you are buying an additional property, taking the big step to buy your first property or moving house then use the quick quote conveyancing comparison service online with Homebuyer Conveyancing.

This quick quote preferential service is tailored for your property transaction type.

Thinking Of Buying Property?

Budget for your purchase conveyance before you instruct. Quick quote conveyancing is easy to use and has the advantage that you can compare fully itemised conveyancing quotes without entering your personal details. Filter your quick quote results by cheapest price, location and by Mortgage Lender. Your quick quote cheaper results will be from Solicitors that are based in low cost of living areas.

In addition each Homebuyer purchase quick quote has a search pledge. A pledge that provides another set of searches for your replacement property for Free up to a value of £300 should you pull out of the property transaction through no fault of your own.

You can instruct your Solicitor and order searches on day 1 of your conveyance. You maybe buying a property where the Local Authority searches are delayed. So ordering your searches before Survey makes sense.

What Are My Conveyancing Costs When Selling My Home?

If you are selling your home then you can get your quick quote from the Homebuyer Conveyancing website. If you also plan to buy a property then combine both sale and purchase and use your anticipated maximum purchase price that you can afford. By taking a sale and purchase conveyancing quote away you will have 1 point of contact for both conveyance jobs.

The Key Milestone In Conveyancing Is The Exchange Of Contracts

When selling and buying property the key milestone is the exchange of contracts date. You should do all that you can to get to this point as fast as is possible. This is when the accepted offer becomes binding and both parties are committed to complete.

Follow the Homebuyer quick quote process:-

  • Compare conveyancing quotes online with Homebuyer Conveyancing and find your Lender approved High Street Solicitor
  • Take a conveyancing quote away and schedule a direct call back to discuss your quote and to get answers to any conveyancing questions you may have
  • On Instruction your chosen Solicitor firm will send out a Client Care Pack. Complete the necessary forms and scan back, so that on receipt, your Solicitor will start the conveyance by carrying out ID checks on you
  • Monitor your conveyancing process by agreeing with your solicitor your key milestones. Decide what day of the week is best for conveyancing updates.
  • The Solicitor can order your searches on day 1 of the conveyance. Now that is a bonus with minimal risk
  • Focus on your timetable of events. If you are buying a property then find out which Survey is best for your property. Instruct a Surveyor to visit your property and to report back with the Survey findings. Instruct a Surveyor, visit the property, report back – ideally this should be done within 7 days of the offer being accepted.

Find Budget Conveyancing Online

If you are on the look out for budget conveyancing then filter the Homebuyer quick quote Conveyancer results by cheapest price. The Solicitor will be based in a low cost of living area, hence the cheaper legal fees.

The Homebuyer proven conveyancer finder service delivers national coverage conveyancing. Reliable, trusted Homebuyer Conveyancing panel members all adhere to a Customer Charter. Your best place to compare todays conveyancing marketplace deals.

If you have a Conveyancing question then do call the Homebuyer Conveyancing Helpline on 0345 463 7664

Sam Allcock