We have never wanted a new year to come sooner, as we have in 2020. With the new year, we hope to bid adieu to coronavirus, all the difficult times and challenges we’ve had to overcome. However, with all those farewells also comes the end to many of your Health Fund benefits, including your optical health fund benefits. Most private health funds include rebates for eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses as well as contact lenses in their offer.

If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet and are considering changing up your look with a pair of stylish designer frames, here’s a guide to the best eyeglass frames you can get to improve your eye health and make the most of your insurance benefits before the year ends!

Black Full-Rimmed Rectangle Eyeglasses

A classic shape, rectangular frames are best suited for those who are round-faced and have soft facial features. Black frames add a touch of sophistication and elevate your look, making you stand out wherever you go. This bold look is achievable without having the extreme price tag of a designer brand. Check out these high-quality frames from SmartBuy Collection.

Metal Aviator Frames

Ray-Ban has immortalised this retro aviator shape since the creation of pilot sunglasses for US pilots. These Ray-Ban glasses are made of premium metal and the gold detailing over the Havana temple tips give this a classy look, which would look ultra-flattering on those with warmer skin tones. These glasses are available in 7 other colours on SmartBuyGlasses, the place with the best deals!

Bold Cat-Eye Frames

Cat eye glasses are one of the most universally flattering styles, which suit many face shapes. The upward sweeping style, like on this Tom Ford pair, gives a lift to the overall look while enhancing the overall style quotient. With these glasses, your eyes will be doing all the talking. And if it couldn’t get better, the lenses are built-in with blue light blocking technology that blocks the potentially harmful form of blue light emitted by the sun and electronic devices that we’ve been using a lot more of especially this year.

Clear Eyeglass Frames

If you can’t make up your mind about which colour of eyeglasses will flatter your wardrobe, try out transparent frame glasses such as these Arise Collective frames. These are made of high-quality acetate and were designed to feel very comfortable all day. The oval shape makes it perfect for contrasting those with rectangular or angular face shapes. These glasses also come built-in with blue light blocking technology!

Lightweight Asian Fit Glasses

For those of you who are frustrated with shopping eyeglasses because they slide down the nose or never stay in place, it’s time to look at Asian Fit glasses. Glasses such as these horn rimmed ones from Prada are made of titanium. This makes them highly durable, lightweight and chic.

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SmartBuyGlasses offers Arise HD prescription lenses, with a bunch of cutting-edge eyewear technologies such as anti-reflective coatings designed to protect you and your glasses.

This year, with all the extended time spent on our smartphones, computers and TV screens, you may have experienced more frequent headaches, eye strain and difficulty falling asleep. This is caused by blue light – high-wavelength visible light commonly emitted by electronic devices. When exposed to blue light at a wavelength between 415nm and 455 nm, you can risk damaging your retinal cells, potentially leading to premature eye ageing and vision problems in the future. When shopping for eyeglasses at SmartBuyGlasses, you can add zFORT™ Blue Light Block at checkout to make sure that you’re protected from digitally-induced eye strain.

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Sam Allcock