To create a cosy and inviting living environment, there are few things more important than your home’s fireplaces. Homeowners have always considered them to be an indispensable part of their homes, but just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean that it’s always practical. Not everyone has the room or the budget to install designer fireplaces in each of their rooms—but that doesn’t mean you can’t add one at all. These six places will help you incorporate designer fireplaces in areas of your home where you might not have considered it before.

6 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Add a Designer Fireplace

1) Living Room

Adding a designer fireplace to the living room is an excellent way to enhance your home’s ambiance and create a warm, cosy feel. If you have a small living room you can try integrating an electric fireplace underneath the television.

2) Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the most intimate room of the house. It’s the place where you and your spouse can sleep, relax and spend time together when it’s just the two of you. The bedroom is also often used as an office space with plenty of room for home office furniture and a large desk to use for your laptop or paper work. One way to add more cosiness is by adding designer fireplaces in the room. There are so many different types of fireplaces out there from electric fireplaces to gas fireplaces, but one type that looks amazing in bedrooms is gas fireplaces with stone inserts.

3) Dorm Room

A dorm room is the perfect setting for an electric fireplace. It can be used as the focal point of your room or as an accent piece in any corner. Since dorms are small, adding a fireplace will make it feel more homey and cosy. Plus, you won’t need to invest in firewood when it’s cold outside. There are many styles of electric fireplaces that work well in a dorm environment- from wall mounted to free standing- so there should be something for everyone.

4) Study Area

A designer fireplace is one of the most luxurious additions you can make to your home. They come in many styles and sizes, from traditional mantels to modern fireplaces, and they can be added almost anywhere in your home including around your study area. Adding a designer fireplace to your study area can help you feel more relaxed while studying.

5) Kitchen

A fireplace is not just a luxury item for the living room anymore. Whether you are using it as an accent or main focal point in your home, adding a fireplace to any room can have major benefits. First, it will make your space more inviting and comfortable. Second, when used correctly, they can help regulate the temperature of your home and provide an extra source of warmth on chilly days. If you have a large kitchen you can add a fireplace here. It will give your kitchen an antique look.

6) Home Office

Many people work from home and find themselves missing the traditional office environment. A home office can be comforting in that it is your own space, yet challenging as you are always at home. Adding a fireplace to your home office can help make the space feel more comfortable and luxurious serving as a reminder to the freedom of working from home.

Luke Johnson