We all dream of a cozy and well-designed house and the comforts it brings along. What if we tell you that it is possible even for those who are not quite super DIY (do-it-yourself) aficionados? Yes, that’s right. You can make updates to your home even if you do not know the distinction between a drill and a table saw.  Of course, the more you are interested in the home-improvement upgrades, the better position starting position you will have, but you should never give up. Even if you do not have a clue on how to do something in your house/apartment, do not give up. There is always a way to make your home a better place. Stay tuned and enjoy our list of the top ten ways to make it count without being an expert.

1 – Free Up Space

Making home open and airy makes such a massive difference. Everyone prefers to dine in an open space or to have breakfast in a room filled with light. This is, after all, why more and more people look for houses in which the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen share a vast space. Now, if you do not have the luxury of spending time in a house organized this way, you can easily transform the place and create that much-wanted space on your own. The easiest way around would be to get rid of bulky furnishings and replace them with smaller cabinets or armoires. If you are emotionally attached to a certain furnishing, you can then paint it in a warm off-white color. This way, you get to keep your beloved piece of furniture and the entire room seems more open and airy. Another useful trick would be to install a mirror opposite to the window. By doing this, you will get a sense of a more open room thanks to the light reflected by the mirrors.

2 – Update Your Cabinetry

Speaking of small changes that represent enormous difference-makers, we can’t skip cabinetry. You will create a much better surrounding for you and your family members by doing one simple update of your dirty and old-fashioned door handles and drawer pulls. The best part about this idea is that everyone can do it. You can choose between bountiful selections on the market, including shiny stainless, brushed nickel, bronze, or aged copper finishes.

3 – Floor Lamps in Dark Corners

You can never have enough lighting in your house. A room with bright lights is inviting, airy, and open. The best part is that you can bring light to your room in so many different ways. Whether you decide to go with table lamps or simply position several tall floor lamps in dark corners, you will make no mistake. Of course, in present times you have a plethora of options when it comes to modern ceiling fixtures if you are looking to take it all to a completely new level. You may need a hand from an electrician in regards to the installation process, but hiring one should not be too costly for such a service in particular. The results will be well worth it.

4 – Make Your Own Outdoor Room

Most people like to spend time in nature. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the luxury of owning a proper garden/backyard. This specific segment of the article is for those who are happy enough to possess at least some kind of a backyard patio. You can create another room outside of your house by transforming your outdoor space in numerous ways. Creativity plays a major factor here. You can begin with an outdoor rug, several fancy outdoor chairs & a table, and cushions. Add a little fire pit and you have a whole new room. We promise you’ll spend most of your time during summers just in this invented “outdoor room”. Music, privacy curtains, food, a glass of wine, and good company. You need nothing else.

5 – Add Wallpapers

Last but not least, you can make a huge difference by simply adding wallpaper to the mix, similarly to what they have done in bettingtips4you offices. Nowadays, we all have access to cheap and beautiful (yes, this combo exists) wallpapers that have taken the market by storm. The best part is that these wallpapers are super easy to install. They come in all shapes, patterns, and designs. They will suddenly make your room/house look much more expensive. You can simply play around and upgrade your family room by covering the wall with paper packed with cool geometric symbols or you can use a more peaceful design to cover the walls of your bedroom. Again, the choice is all yours. If you do not like a certain move, you can easily remove wallpapers by peeling them off.




Rachel Sterry