With the rise in technology, things around us are changing at a quick pace. What is trending now may not be trending in the next few days. The kitchen is not an exception to these changes. Unlike the traditional kitchen with a common kitchen plan design, the modern kitchen has taken a different route.

Now people are designing kitchens according to how they desire their kitchen to look. In the past, the kitchen was not included in plans of a house upgrade. It was considered to be just a place for cooking and cleaning utensils. Now you find that kitchens are being designed even to accommodate a family to have dinner there.

If you are looking for a kitchen upgrade, you should seek a kitchen developer. Charles James Developments, based in Cardiff suggest that you can transform your old kitchen into a new one without reconstructing the whole house. You have to have an idea of what is trending now when it comes to kitchen designs. Here are some of the latest kitchen designs that are on the trend:

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Dark Kitchen Solution

Instead of using white materials in your kitchen, try going for darker ones. You can use different dark colours for your countertops and cabinets. The advantage of darker walls or cabinets is that it makes cleaning the kitchen easier and the kitchen does not get dirty easily. Using darker materials for the kitchen also tends to make it look lively. However, be cautious while going for darker materials in the sense that it won’t make your kitchen look too dark because a kitchen, being the place that meals are being prepared should look happy and lively.

Add Texture with Stones Effect Tiles or Marble Surfaces

Using decorative stones such as marbles or even tiles will look good for your kitchen surfaces and floors. They are easy to wash and improve the look of the kitchen. They can also be cut and designed to your liking. The view of the kitchen looks more attractive and gives you the desire to spend your time there. If you get that you tend to spend most of your time in the kitchen, then you should go for this kind of finishing.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

With the help of technological evolvement, a smart kitchen is now a thing. You can choose to go for smart kitchen gadgets and appliances. Things like the refrigerator, lights, and even other kitchen appliances are now made smartly in the way that you can control the lights from the comfort of your smartphone, or even go for an even higher upgrade where the lights can go on when they sense the presence of someone and go off once the person leaves the room. When it comes to your refrigerator, you can link it to your phone and be able to see what you need to add while restocking, or even things like machines that can be able to monitor when your eggs are about to go bad and even coffee makers that can make coffee on their own at a specific time of the day or even night.

Smart kitchens are there to make work easier for you and reduce the hustle you would experience from traditional kitchens like making the coffee yourself or even walking up to the switch to switch the lights on or off.

Small Kitchen Open Shelving

With open shelving, when it comes to saving space, they tend to do the trick. Unlike cabinetry which tends to eat up space you could use for other storage purposes, open shelving gives you the comfort of having a wide storage space. The open shelves can be great for your pantry. To store things in a neat and organized way, use storage jars and tins and label them.

If you want to use kitchen cabinetry then use appliance garages for the small appliances in the kitchen. This will help you completely utilise the available space. Alternatively, you can opt to go for streamlined cabinetry.

Decorative Kitchen Exhaust Hood

When it comes to your exhaust hood, instead of using the old boring stainless steel, choose to go for a more customized look such as mixed metal hoods, brick, or even plaster. This will give your kitchen a more modern look.

Large Kitchen Windows

Replace your small windows with larger ones to bring more light to your kitchen. With the continued rise in modern kitchens, don’t be left behind. With a good budget and a kitchen developer, you can easily upgrade your kitchen to give it a modern look.

Sam Allcock