Kitchen design has evolved over the decades, and nowadays, they are a vital section of the modern house. The traditional kitchen mainly was placed at the back of the house and cooking meals and washing dishes were the main events happening there.

With the pandemic era, kitchens have become a new place for family gatherings, the workplace, and a place to help children with school work. The modern kitchen has evolved much, and every square inch of the space matters a lot.

For many families, a kitchen design company is a modest option to work on their existing kitchen or a new kitchen. With modern times and changing technology, many families are looking for a bespoke kitchen with a unique design.

You can use a Kitchen design company to provide a personalized kitchen design of your liking, and work on your kitchen installation is a win solution for your dream kitchen. The good thing is you don’t need a lot of money or space to get your bespoke kitchen up and running, but it will all depend on how much investment you want to put towards your dream kitchen.

2021 is the post-pandemic era, and almost everyone is mainly working from home. So, every space in your kitchen needs to be well designed to accommodate your whole family since cooking, and washing dishes is not the only action that will be happening in that house space for now.

Since you will be spending more time at home and mostly in your kitchen, it’s only fair to make it a comfortable place as much as possible. Modern kitchens should be accommodative, and with modern-day technology, all you need is some perfect investment, and your kitchen installation is worked on as per your liking.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the top trending kitchen designs making kitchens stand out in 2021 as per below:

Forward-thinking kitchens

In the 21st century, everything seems to be revolving around technology. Advancement in technology has made many things extremely easy, and kitchens have not been left behind. I know it sounds funny to call a kitchen forward-thinking, but modern kitchens have also integrated technology to make them fancier.

Apart from the perfect devices and appliances in the kitchen, intelligent kitchens have also come with very many features that can be voice-controlled and easily operated from just an app on your phone or tablet.

From cool smart fridges, cookers to kitchen lightings and small kitchen appliances, you can install them to make your kitchen top-notch and lighten duties for you. In 2021, innovative kitchens are the best trends when it comes to modern kitchens.

Imagine waking up to some readily prepared coffee by your coffee maker or even being able to view inside your fridge via your device from a grocery shop to know what you need to add to your shopping list!

Light sensors are also a perfect installation to your modern kitchen and save you the hassle to always walk to a switch to put them on or off.

Flashy cabinets and trendy colour shades

Gone are the days when you would only see boring white or brown kitchen cabinets. In 2021, most kitchens appreciate flashy cabinets that can be wall-fixed or even stand-alone cabinets at the centre of the kitchen.

The stand-alone cabinets allow perfect space for storage and can come in different colour shades. Modern kitchens are implementing colour shades like dark green, which will blend well with the kitchen garden since most kitchens tend to be near it.

Different colours on the wall also bring out the beautiful side of a lively kitchen, which is particularly important to keep the kitchen space well lit. A combination of flashy cabinets, touchy colours and perfect lighting in your kitchen is an ideal trend that we will experience more in 2021 subsequently.

Consummate stone and finishes

For kitchen surfaces, the best way to make sure you bring out perfection is using extraordinary stone. Examples of such are marble, perfect tiles or even sculptured stone. Most kitchen surfaces can be used for many things, such as a dining area by the family.

Having a well-veined marble on a kitchen dining surface can bring out a remarkable presentation of the kitchen. Perfectly designed ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor are also good designs that will leave your kitchen looking tremendous.

Suitable ceramic floor tiles will also save you the hefty work of mopping since tiles are more accessible to wash than standard concrete floors or wooden floors.

Colour and design coordination on your kitchen surfaces and your cabinets will play a massive role in your kitchen display. Nobody wants a dull kitchen with light colours and design. Consummate stone and finishes in the kitchen are a good trend; we will see more in 2021 modern kitchens.

Concealed storage spaces

One of the most crucial aspects of a perfect kitchen is a good storage area. A couple of things in the kitchen need good storage, such as appliances, food, utensils, and garbage. Modern kitchens come with well-done cabinets with adequate spaces to store stuff.

The best storage for modern kitchens is concealed storage spaces whereby the kitchen can have unrevealed doors on walls that have an inside space for storage. Such areas will always look like an ordinary wall and compliment the kitchen finishing since you only realize it’s a storage place when you open it.

Perfect storage spaces in the modern kitchen are essential since most people in the post-pandemic period of 2021 are working from home, and one might need a place to store office work or even gadgets such as laptops that need to be kept away from little children.

Kitchen designs in 2021 are evolving day by day since more and more people are spending most of their days at home because of the pandemic. Having a well-designed kitchen is not hard since all you need is to work with your budget and find a suitable design company to work on your kitchen. In 2021 and beyond, we expect to see many more evolving kitchen designs.

Sam Allcock