Bedrooms are a personal sanctuary. It is a place to escape to where you can rest and recuperate. Often, our bedroom is a place we neglect to decorate. Instead, we prefer to invest in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms – spaces more likely to be used and visited by guests.

Investing in your bedroom and the design will help create a space where you can retreat to get some well-earned rest. As the predictions for bedroom trends are starting to be released, think about how you will turn your bedroom into your sanctuary. If you want to bring the bedroom of your dreams to life, keep reading to find a few tips and tricks to help you create a relaxing and cosy space.

Envision The Space

Start by envisioning the bedroom of your dreams. Consider all of the details within the room, not just what the layout will look like. Think about the colour of the walls – are you going to choose one colour, or are you considering adding a bold print wallpaper? Consider your choice of flooring – do you prefer a carpeted floor over a wooden one? Will you have dark furniture or light furniture? Do you prefer a minimalist space, or do you like a room with tons of character?

Asking yourself all of these questions when envisioning the space will you help you with the design process. With your plan for the space, you can begin to find all of the key pieces that will help you create the cosy and relaxing space of your dreams.

Invest In Furniture That Fits

Oversized pieces of furniture can make a room seem smaller than it is, creating an almost claustrophobic feel to the space. However, furniture that is too small for the space, such as a dressing, can seem out of place. When investing in furniture, ensure that you measure the space to know what sizes will fit and your options when shopping for furniture.

One piece of bedroom furniture you will want to ensure is the right size is your bed, both the frame and mattress. Take a look at some of the custom-size mattresses and beds available at Odd Size Beds. Using companies like these can help you to invest in the right bed for your room. With the perfect size bed for you and your bedroom, you can create a relaxing and cosy space to help lull you off into a good night’s sleep each night.

The Right Lighting

Along with your choice of furniture, think about the lighting. Lighting can play an influencing role in the overall aesthetic of a space. When trying to create a relaxing and calming space, the right lighting can help you to achieve this.

You might utilise natural lighting in the day by opening blinds or curtains to bring in the sunlight to brighten your bedroom. Whilst at night, you might have a selection of lamps, candles or your main light to light up the space. Spend time looking at different bedroom lighting options to gain an idea about what is possible. You may even find the right solution for your dream bedroom space.

Keep these tips in mind when creating a relaxing and cosy space for your bedroom. Some of these could help you move closer to bringing your vision to life.

Sam Allcock