A baker’s rack is just what you need to keep your home organized and tidy. They have always been a useful storage solution, but many are just beginning to see just how versatile this piece of furniture is throughout the home.

Kitchens definitely can benefit from having the extra storage the rack provides, but so can your dining room, living room, and office. Place one wherever you need more organization to declutter your home with style.

Because they come in many different colors and styles, they can seamlessly blend with your current décor. The openness of the design won’t let it overtake the other furnishings already occupying the space. They provide a sleek and slim storage option that works well in any room.

Before you begin shopping for a baker’s rack be sure to take the area’s measurements. Because the rack takes up vertical space, you don’t want to get one that’s too tall. Although it may not reach the ceiling, if your ceilings are low a tall rack can overwhelm the area.

Also, ensure you are purchasing the correct width for the space. You don’t want the rack interfering with any wall art you have up. Too many items on the wall can make the wall appear cluttered and out of balance with the rest of the space.

Place a baker’s rack in your entryway as a catch-all for items you use daily. Store your keys on the hooks, or keep your wallet in the drawer. If you don’t want your shoes to track dirt and grime through the home and ruin your carpet, leave space on the bottom shelf for your shoes. Now you won’t have to run around looking for your keys when you’re ready to leave out, they have a dedicated space.

If you have a sunroom, a baker’s rack is the perfect way to display decorative accents, plants, and precious flower arrangements. You can also keep one with a wine rack for those days you want to enjoy a glass as you soak up the sun’s rays. The units with wine racks tend to have hangers for your stemware, and drawers for your corkscrew as well, so everything is conveniently in one place.

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If you have a magazine collection you need to keep handy for recipes or design ideas, store them in a basket that slides easily onto the shelves of the rack. Do you have a hobby you enjoy while watching the tv? You can knit a scarf while streaming your favorite show and keep your tools and yarn in a baker’s rack.

In the kitchen, the baker’s rack really shines. You can also keep cookbooks in there for quick access. Also, store your dry ingredients in canisters that fit well on the main shelf of the rack. If you have a beautiful cookie jar collection, this is the perfect place to display the set.

Free up counter space by placing kitchen appliances on the baker’s rack. Many models come equipped with a dedicated microwave shelf. You can also keep your air fryer here, along with other small appliances like juicers and blenders.

A butcher block on the rack will give you another surface to use while preparing your meals. Spices and sauces you use frequently should be kept readily available on the rack. Having everything you need within arm’s reach will make the cooking experience more enjoyable.

In the bathroom, the baker’s rack is excellent for storing towels and toiletries you use daily. You can grab your body wash or soap before stepping into the shower, and grab a towel on your way out. Deodorants, lotions, and even perfumes can be kept handy as you prepare for your day.

Do you want to do something about that empty corner at the end of the hallway? A corner baker’s rack will fit perfectly and elevate the mood of the space. Add your knick-knacks and souvenirs from your travels and give your guests a peek into who you are. Do the same in your office space and add extra storage for books, or paperwork you need to keep on hand.

These multifunctional pieces are wonderful additions to every room in your home. Don’t wait to organize your space, visit the website today and find what you need at 1Stop.

Claire Preece