It’s so easy to buy everything you need online these days, that you can choose everything for your new kitchen and have it delivered to your door, without ever having to set foot outside, let alone go anywhere near a kitchen showroom. But, while this may be convenient, it isn’t always smart when it comes to kitchen design.

If you want to design a kitchen that functions exactly how you want it to, and which will become a space the whole family can enjoy spending time in, experts recommend a visit to a kitchen showroom, and here are 6 reasons why:

You can explore all of the styles available

A particular style of kitchen may look great on paper or online, but nothing beats seeing it in person in terms of determining whether it would look good in your kitchen space. Whatever style of kitchen you prefer, you just might change your mind when you see all of the other options side-by-side in a kitchen showroom.

You can look at colours and finishes up close

When choosing the colours and finishes for cabinets and worktops, a colour that you love online or in a glossy brochure, might look completely different when in situ. With this in mind, it’s always better to visit a kitchen showroom and see how certain finishes and colours look when placed next to appliances for example, or in different light conditions.

You can be inspired by different displays

Seeing differently designed kitchens in person gives you a much better sense of perspective, and helps you visualise them more accurately in your own space at home. You may also see different styles of fixtures and accessories that you hadn’t noticed online, or which weren’t even highlighted, helping you design a kitchen that you can fall in love with.

You can inspect the workmanship

Nothing can compare to touching and feeling products to establish their quality and level of workmanship. Buying directly from a brochure or online gives you no opportunity to touch the items until they’re delivered, and while you might love them, if you don’t, you’ve got the hassle of sending them back, waiting for a refund, and then choosing all over again. Visiting a showroom helps ensure that your new kitchen is of the highest quality, and will last for many years to come.

You can chat about your ideas with a kitchen design expert

You might have a lot of ideas for your new kitchen, but without speaking to a kitchen designer, how do you know whether they’ll work in your space? Going to a kitchen showroom gives you the chance to bounce your ideas off of someone in the know, and who knows, they may even have suggestions you’ve never thought of, but which would work well in your home.

You can get to know more about a company before investing

Good kitchen design and installation doesn’t come cheap, but by going in person to a showroom, you can meet the kitchen specialist who will be responsible for designing and installing your new kitchen, and get a better idea as to whether you can work well with them, and if they will be able to satisfy your needs. This means you stand a much higher chance of being able to protect your investment and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

While you absolutely can plan and design your kitchen all from the comfort of your own home, there is no substitute for visiting a kitchen showroom and seeing the different designs up close, as you can see from the many benefits listed above.

Claire Preece