Recent research from UK and London Skip Hire Specialists, Enviro Skip Hire, shows that over half of the UK’s population ‘miss’ opportunities to recycle from home.

According to a 2020 European research study, with 282.4 tonnes of waste produced per year, the UK comes in third place overall. With nearly 400 tonnes of garbage produced, Germany came out on top. France, where 310.4 tonnes of waste are produced, came in second place.

What does 2023 data show?

  • Northern Ireland was the only country in the UK where the recycling rate didn’t increase
  • UK’s biodegradable waste, sent to landfill, increased by 0.7 million tonnes in 2020

Managing Director, James Rubin, says that “New data also demonstrates that recycling is, in fact, evolving into a custom in the UK. It’s obvious that the trend is going in the correct direction because over 85% of the population actively recycles.

The need for landfills and other expensive waste disposal techniques will decrease as recycling rates rise. Examples of products made from recycled plastic include clothing and electricals.

What does the future of recycling hold? Governments, towns, and organisations are likely to explore for more creative ways to deal with waste and waste disposal. By aiming to increase the nation’s recycling rate by 50% by 2023, the UK might even take a page out of the USA’s book.


Claire Preece