Whether you are remodelling or you have simply noticed signs of deterioration – a bathroom can be a hub for structural and decorative issues. They are perhaps one of the more complex rooms in a home, relying on plumbing structures and integrated water supplies to function. This means that you can find some unique issues in these spaces, and finding ways to overcome these issues can often be challenging. This post discusses four common problems that might crop up in your bathroom and how you can fix them.

Water Damage

Water damage to walls and appliances is at the top of the list because water is everywhere in a bathroom. Therefore, the resulting deterioration is just a byproduct of any bathroom environment, as everything from plumbing issues to long showers and even natural bath splashes, can slowly chip away at the flooring and the wall quality, and even affect the pipes as well.

One solution is to look for alternate methods of interior waterproofing products – moving away from tiles or lino to a more sustainable product. A viable option is a bathroom tile board from Just Wedi. These are a waterproof, mould repellent alternative to traditional bathroom materials such as standard tile and can act as a conduit for insulation and improved room conditions all around. Just Wedi has been making sustainable and impactful bathroom changes for over two decades and enables people to create an innovative bathroom space that resists deterioration on a larger scale.

Mould and Moisture Build-Up

Mould is another tell-tale sign that your bathroom needs some attention. Mould occurs in damp places and can have negative effects on your health (such as respiratory-related illnesses) and the environment. It needs addressing, as it can lead to bigger issues and detract from your aesthetic as well. The first step is to clean the mould with a store-bought mould spray and repellent. Wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself and make sure the area is well ventilated.

The next step if the problem is recurring is to invest in a better ventilation system for your bathroom to combat the mould at the source. The only way to eliminate the problem is through the right ventilation system, which ensures that the excessive air moisture can’t hang around, causing the perfect storm for mould to grow and fester.

Old Plumbing

Old plumbing is an issue for several reasons. One – the pipes may be damaged past repair and need completely replacing. Two – they can cause leaks under the floor, which may damage ceilings and floorboards as well. These issues can be addressed by making sure everything is updated every decade or so, or at least checked. Unfortunately, the only way around this common problem is by going down the refurbishment route.

Bathrooms are an integral piece of every home. They are used every day, sometimes by several people, and are therefore high-traffic areas that are prone to damage and deterioration. Depending on the issue, there is normally an accessible solution if you look in the right place.

Claire Preece