A study space is extremely important to effective and comfortable learning at home. It becomes more necessary if you are a student or have kids at home that need to study for exams or do their homework.

Getting a comfortable reading space in your home will increase learning efficiency, other than using your sitting room, dining, bedroom, or kitchen. The atmosphere of these locations at home is often filled with distractions or uncomfortable ambiance, ranging from the noise from the TV to the temptation to sleep in the bedroom and so on.

Making the Perfect Study Space at Home

Your space does not necessarily have to be a big room with expensive furniture. It may be just a ventilated and well light space somewhere in your home with low traffic movement. In this type of place, you are less likely to be disturbed. The purpose of study space at home is to make you comfortable, nurture productivity, minimize distraction and maximize your focus.

In case you have always wanted to create an operative and productive study space, or you want to rejuvenate your old one. Experts from 123 Homework have listed six essential tips on making a perfect study space. It would help if you considered them a guide when making a perfect study space.

1.     Get Study Space Furnitures

A typical study space furniture includes mainly chairs, table, bookshelves and file cabinets. It’s very improper to study on a bed. Biologically, it isn’t safe for your health, as there will disruption in the steady flow of blood to the brain; thus, it reduces the proper functioning of the brain.

Getting the appropriate desk and chairs make you comfortable but not too comfortable to induce sleep. Chairs and tables that encourage good sitting posture and inhibit body pain should be considered, such that your feet can rest on the floor and not dangling, the full length of your back well rest to the chair without having to bend your back. For long study hours, you should avoid wooden chairs as your buttocks might be uncomfortable.

2.     Get Study Room Supplies

Next, go and get some study room supplies and stationery, including the traditional school materials such as notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, writing boards, markers, and crayons. Also, make sure your study gadgets like laptops and tablets are there. To that effect, your study space should have electrical sockets where you can plug in your gadgets. So, it would help if the power bricks are at your reach when studying.

3.     Get a Well-lighted Space

Studying in a well-lighted environment reduces the strain on your eyes, consequently preserving your eyes. When your study room is poorly lighted, there is much strain on your eyes, and it will always lead to induce stress and headache. Most times, you feel sleepy, and you will not be able to study for long hours. The lighting could be natural light, cabinet lights, or bright table lights.  It’s advisable not to depend on a single source of lightning because if one fails, you can easily get the other with less interruption in your reading.

4.     Get A Clock in Your Study Space

Time management is a key factor when it comes to studying. You might have many books to read with limited time or a schedule for the next block of time. Having a clock so close to you makes you less disturbed and saves you from the stress of checking the time elsewhere. An alarm clock becomes a necessity if you practice a Pomodoro technic of studying. At the same time, a stopwatch is strongly advised for practicing online tests. If you are the type that practices time blocking, you must get a table clock or a wall clock. Besides that, a fine wall or table clock adds to the beauty of your study spaces.

5.     Organize Your Study Room

Good organizational practices for your study space save you a lot of time and energy and even distractions. For example, having your files orderly arranged in your cabinets, your pencils well-place in a holder, etc., save you that time you would have used up to search for the next study materials. This will aid your assimilation and reduce the mental stress you undergo due to a disorganized room. So, tidy up every place in your study space, let every stationery, file and gadget have its place. You might even find a tag name on each of them.

6.     Get a Good Internet Access

To make a perfect study space at home, you should make sure the place is accessible to the internet. So that while studying, you can search for relevant resources online, get practice questions and quizzes, and all relevant materials for smooth reading. It could be a WiFi system or a simple modem connected to your study gadgets.

However, it would be best if you were careful not to be distracted by social media messages. You can do away with your phone in the study room and make sure your laptop is wholly for study. Still, you need to avoid unnecessary pop-up ads and focus on what you need on the internet. Despite the potential of bringing distraction, it remains indispensable in your study space. Just be disciplined enough to get rid of distraction.


You can’t always make use of a public library. Hence you need to get the best study space at home. Start working on your home study space today!

Sam Allcock