If you’ve been living in your home for several years with designs staying pretty intact, it may be time for a change in scenery. A home renovation can add value to your home and completely change the way it looks and feels, though it does take careful planning.  It even pays to get a little outside help by a professional if you are missing that creative design spark on your own. Let’s take a look at some of these custom home interior improvement ideas for a new look without breaking the bank entirely.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Even if you don’t have a big budget for making large home renovations, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. It’s also one of the cheapest options for bringing a space to life. When it comes to paint, though it may seem expensive at first, avoid skimping and going with cheaper gallons. Buying premium exterior wood paint will not only have improved quality and less odour, but you’ll actually find yourself using less of it with a single coat while still providing ample coverage. Exterior paint on any outer buildings like the garage, door, or shed will boost curb appeal.

Kitchen Overhaul

The kitchen is one of the areas where a majority of your time is spent within the home, so it’s no wonder that an upgraded kitchen not only adds significant value, and can help with securing the sale over the competition. While over the top renovations could get in the tens of thousands of dollars, if you don’t mind doing the work yourself, a few thousand dollars could go a long way with cabinet refinishing, as well as new fixtures, counter-top, or a trendy farmhouse sink. Subway tiles for the back-splash cost a few cents per tile, making it a cheaper DIY project if you’re confident after watching a few instruction videos. Getting other materials such as kitchen splashbacks from Simply Plastics also make a great choice for a DIY project.

Residential Elevator

For homeowners with multiple levels where the idea of moving is low on the priority list but are looking to improve functionality within the home, adding a home elevator can solve that need without having to spend top dollar on a new purchase. New economical home lifts leave a small footprint to maximise floor space while still being plug and play from the start. This way you can forget about the stairs and continue to live in the home you love.

Upgrade Flooring

Flooring is one of the most significant impacts on the appearance of a room.  As you remove the existing layer of flooring, you can first eliminate any annoying squeaks by re-screwing the sub floor to the floor joists. Next, replacing with updated carpet can immediately give a tired look new life, but for those looking to avoid vacuuming and carpet cleaning, flooring is an option with hardwood, laminate, and even vinyl. Using an aluminium plate for flooring can create a sense of space and openness in a kitchen. Adding area rugs over sections in whole-house flooring can still give an even more comfortable feel to a room instead of bare floor throughout. The planks can lock together pretty easily, but if you’re not comfortable in your ability to make the needed cuts, installation costs can be pretty modest depending on the room size.

Elliot Preece