In bygone years multigenerational households were typical. With the modern age and housing boom, that became a thing of the past. But now that prices are skyrocketing and millennials can barely afford the weekly shop, let alone a whole home, multigenerational living is making a comeback.  

Multigenerational Living

Bringing generations together again has enormous benefits. It encourages better relationships, saves younger generations a bit of money, and comes with built-in babysitters. Most importantly, aging parents and grandparents can stay in the home they love as they get older. But that brings its own struggles. Namely, making sure the house is accessible and safe. 

Enter modern technology. Harnessing the power of tech means aging in place is a piece of cake. Smart home improvements make life easier for every single generation. It’s time to embrace the future and introduce tech into multigenerational households. 

Smart Technology For Accessibility

Tonnes of technology exists to improve accessibility if we find it hard to get around at home. 

Brilliant high-tech stairlifts from Age Co Mobility and lower-tech improvements link grab rails and handles are just a few standard modifications. Couple these essentials with smart tech, and you’re onto a winner. 

Voice-Activated Assistants

We all know and love our Google and Amazon assistants. And they can help aging parents with hands-free control, medication reminders, and appointment memos.

Smart Lighting Systems

Now you can control your whole home from one place. That means taking control of the lighting. This means you can get increased visibility and the ability to dim and brighten lights at the touch of a button. 

Smart Thermostats

Control of your home doesn’t stop at the lighting. You can control the temperature too. Automatic temperature adjustments and remote control on your smartphone give access to older adults with mobility issues. 

Smart Technology For Safety

There’s nothing more important than safety in multigenerational living. And it’s made easier with a bit of help from the future. 

Smart Doorbells And Cameras

Check who’s at the door from the comfort of your sofa. This means increased safety for everyone in the home thanks to the ability to monitor and check all visitors. 

Smart Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There’s nothing scarier than the idea of a fire. You can help reduce that worry with smart detectors. They can detect fire and carbon monoxide early and even send alerts to caregivers or emergency services. 

Smart Locks

As we get older, we forget things more easily. Smart locks mean losing a key isn’t the end of the world. They allow you to do keyless entry, control the lock via your smartphone, and grant access to caregivers. 

Wrapping Up 

Multigenerational homes are making a comeback in a big way. And embracing the future with smart technology can make life easier for everyone. You can improve safety and accessibility with just a few simple changes. 

If you’re not techy-minded, make sure you get a professional to install all your devices. There’s no point putting yourself at risk when plenty of people can give you a helping hand. 

It’s time to welcome new technology into our multigenerational homes for better aging in place. 

Claire Preece