If there is one aspect of your kitchen design you have to get right at the beginning of the process, it’s the flooring. Everything else will literally be built up from this, and ensuring your floor is right means everything else can follow suit. Yet it can be tricky to choose the right flooring, especially when so much relies on it. Read on for some tips to help you get it right so your kitchen can be something to be proud of.

Think of the Practicalities

The kitchen is the room in any house that has the most going on. People will cook there, eat there, hang out there, do homework there, perhaps even do a full-time job from there. The flooring will need to be practical to suit all these requirements, as well as looking wonderful at the same time.

Consider exactly what it is you need your kitchen to do for you. This will help you choose the type of flooring you can have. For example, if you do a lot of cooking, you’ll want something that can withstand spills. If you use the room more for working, you’ll need something that’s comfortable to walk on and that allows for plenty of light in the room.

Make It Stylish

Another good way to consider what flooring to have in your kitchen is to explore kitchen flooring trends. In that way, you can ensure you are installing something modern, rather than something that looks incredibly dated already.

As few people want to change their kitchen floor on a regular basis, trends in the kitchen tend to be longer lasting than most. You might find some which are incredibly striking and are soaring in popularity, but for the most part kitchen styles tend to follow classical lines – they have been tested over hundreds of years and people know what works and what is practical.

Kitchen Theme

What theme have you based your kitchen around? The flooring you pick for a classic country kitchen is likely to be rather different to the flooring you pick for an ultra-modern and sleek design. The last thing you’ll want is for the flooring you choose to detract from the overall look of the kitchen because it just doesn’t fit.

As well as the type of flooring, be it stone, hardwood, laminate, or anything else, you need to consider the colour. Again, this will have to fit in with the other design elements, and it might help to narrow down your choices if you only stick to one or two different colours.

Your Budget

As with any purchase, big or small, you’ll need to ensure that whatever you’re buying fits with your budget. When it comes to the flooring in your kitchen, there will be something to suit everyone. Marble and granite are more expensive, but they are also more durable, so they’ll last for longer before needing to be replaced. Laminate and vinyl are much less expensive options, but they can be more delicate and show up marks a lot more. What will work for you and your budget?

Claire Preece