When shopping around for a flat or a house, there will be certain criteria you have. Maybe you think a bathtub is absolutely imperative for relaxation, or you don’t want the morning sun pouring into your bedroom. Whoever you are, though, the kitchen should be high up on your list. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and that makes them really important. That’s why, if you can’t find the perfect kitchen, it’s worth investing in a kitchen extension. We’ve put together some tips and tricks, so you can have the best space possible.

Start With A Dream

A good place to start is probably your Pinterest image board, or your Good Homes and Country Living magazines. This is your chance to build the perfect kitchen, so it’s worth being sure of what you want. Research. Create mood boards. Look around. Visit showrooms, check out their materials and ideas, read articles, visit all your friends, and check out their kitchens. This is the stage at which you can let your imagination run wild, so give yourself permission to dream. If you go for the best you can get (and afford), you won’t regret it later. Be generous with your budget. You’re going to be stuck with a lot of what you choose, so a kitchen is not something you should try to be economical about.

The Best Laid Plans Pay Off

Make sure you plan everything out. Yes, your kitchen extension will give you more space, but you still need to make sure you will have room for all the things you want to keep – and be ruthless about throwing away the stuff you shouldn’t be holding on to. If you’ve got a row of small appliances – a toaster, a blender, a kettle – then consider a row of sockets, too. Put your sink somewhere it won’t matter if the dishes pile up. Get a fridge that won’t dwarf the rest of the space. And remember the kitchen work triangle. You want the trip between your fridge, stove, and sink to be convenient to travel.

Make the most of your space. Do you have a laundry room, or does your washing machine live in the kitchen? Will you be eating in the kitchen? Do you need space for a table? Do you want a kitchen island or more floor space? What about a walk-in pantry? How much counter space will you need? How close is your dishwasher to where your crockery lives? Plan every inch of your space, and make sure you can move around easily!

Make The Most Of It

Don’t forget to make a comfortable living space, as well. A kitchen table, breakfast bar, or even a TV area are great ways to make kitchens the heart of the home. Not to mention, kitchens are usually the warmest room in the house, which is always nice. At the end of the day, it’s your home, and you have to live in it. Your opinion is the only one that should matter.

Claire Preece