The world at large might be in a state of unprecedented chaos but the housing market is fighting fit, partly as a result of the stamp duty holiday and partly because people have had a lot go time recently to reevaluate their lives. Still, if you’re one of the many who have decided to cash in on the moment and put your home on the market next year before the March deadline drops, there are quite a few affordable and simple things you could be doing to increase the value of your property that won’t require any handy people whatsoever. It might involve a little sweat and a lot of checking YouTube to checking if you’re buying the right drill or not but it’ll be worth it. If not for the value then for the sense of achievement!

Update your fixtures

From switch plates and outlets covers to light switches and doorknobs, these are the archetypal ‘little things’ that often get overlooked. For just a few quid, however, you could be giving your home a subtle makeover with new fixtures that accentuate the very best features of your home. Remember though, you’re buying to impress buyers so go with fixtures that have a broad appeal.

Update your flooring

Stripping away old carpet and replacing it with some fresh laminate flooring can completely change the character of your home. Laying down laminate is also a lot less fiddly and specific than laying down carpet, so it’s a home improvement job you should be able to do yourself (with a little help from an assistant friend or family member).

A fresh lick of paint

You see your walls every day so it’s quite feasible that you might miss the lines and cracks that could turn away potential buyers. Anyone can paint a wall and it could make your home feel so much fresher and more modern, particularly if you go with trendier colours. Note, however, that you might want to get the patching compound out first to fill in any cracks and smooth over any bumpy surfaces because fresh paint can put a microscope on imperfections.

Fanning around

Ceiling fans might not seem like the most practical investment but you can pick one up for dirt cheap online and they are remarkably easy to install. It might be cold now but when the summer months hit they could be a real winner!

Put your best foot forward

Here, we’re talking about the entrance to your home. First impressions are almost impossible to overwrite so you’re going to want to cultivate a first impression that’s not only positive but sticks around. It can be as simple as cleaning your gutters, cutting the front lawn, putting out some nice plants and giving the front door a fresh coat of paint. It might not seem like a particularly major DIY project but it can make all the difference!

Sam Allcock