There’s no doubt that renovating your home is an exciting journey, but it can be a costly one!  Whether you’re preparing your property for sale or simply want to give it a refresh, updating your home without spending a heap might seem impossible. But take heart: at Combit Construction –building company in North London, we understand family budgets, and that’s why we’ve taken the time to give you these top 10 renovation ideas that won’t break the bank.

There are loads of small things you can do to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home without doing too much damage to your back pocket.  Some of them require the expertise of a qualified construction company; some of them you can achieve yourself.  Read below to discover some of the secrets of economical home renovation for 2020:

Plan, Plan, Plan

As the saying goes, ‘a job well planned is a job half done’.  Planning is an essential step to any renovation project, but even more so if you’re renovating with limited funds.  Take your time and do your research: thorough and effective planning will ensure that your project runs smoothly and help to prevent budget blow-outs.

Brush Up

A fresh coat of paint on walls and woodwork is guaranteed to work wonders in any room!  Remember, a light-coloured palette will create a bright, airy feel while darker colours can be used to create mood and feeling.

Do you wish to emphasise a focal point in your room?  Consider using paint to create an accent wall behind a picture, sofa or bed.  Bright colours will create a bold and dramatic feature, while pastels and neutrals will give a more serene effect.

Replace your Kitchen Worktop

If there’s one room in your home that’s worth allocating extra money and effort to, it’s the kitchen.  As we know, the kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home: it’s where we prepare meals, entertain informal guests and create many happy family memories.

Replacing your worn, outdated kitchen worktop (UK) is a sure-fire way to create a whole new look in your kitchen.  And the good news is that it’s a relatively simple and budget-friendly process.  Laminate countertops are an excellent choice: durable, inexpensive and super chic, with faux marble and faux wood options at very affordable prices.

Change the Doors and Hardware 

Replacing outdated handles and drawer pulls with a more modern option will give your cabinetry a whole new lease of life!  This task is generally very easy: choose a style that suits your new look kitchen and set to work with your screwdriver or electric drill (while you’re at it, why not replace any stiff or broken hinges too – this is will improve the functionality of your kitchen and make your life that much easier)!

Is your cabinetry outdated but still in good working order?  If the cabinetry carcases are in good condition and the kitchen layout is practical and workable, simply replacing cabinet doors is a great way to totally change the look and feel of your space (and it’s much kinder to your wallet than an replacing the entire kitchen).


Who doesn’t hate a poorly lit space?  It’s true that lighting can literally make or break a room!  Adding extra ceiling or wall lights isn’t a big job, however it will require the expertise of a qualified electrician.  Effective lighting makes a home feel bright and cheery and can be used to create mood and ambiance.

Adding pendant lights over workstations will enhance the functionality of your space, while adding elegance and style as well.  Choose your light fittings wisely – LED options are readily available and may save you a pretty penny in ongoing running expenses.

Add a Skylight or Mirror

Of course, natural light is the cheapest and most desirable form of lighting for your home.  You can bring the sunlight into your home by adding a skylight or roof window, creating that light, bright and airy feel even in internal rooms!

Hanging a large mirror in a small room is another way to add that extra touch of magic.  As we know, mirrors reflect any available light and help to make spaces appear larger, brighter and more spacious.

Glazed Doors

Replacing solid timber doors with glazed doors is a great way to let natural light into living and kitchen areas.  Allowing natural light to flood these areas will help to make your space feel larger, fresher and cosier.

Maximise Storage

Maximizing storage is something we hear lots about.  While excellent storage mightn’t always be obvious, it’s key to improving the liveability of your home.  So, while you’re planning your house renovation, try to maximize and create storage options in every room.  De-clutter as much as possible.  Research storage options and make use of every square inch of space: there’s some innovative storage ideas out there, so be sure to include as many as possible.

Restore the Fireplace

Does your home have a disused fireplace or a blank wall where a fireplace once was?  A fireplace generates a homely atmosphere and creates a wonderful focal point for any room, so why not reintroduce one into your home.

A fireplace generates a homely atmosphere and creates a wonderful focal point for any room, so why not reintroduce one into your home and this time consider using a bioethanol fireplace.

Restore Original Flooring

Your worn-out carpet might be hiding a valuable secret: many successful house renovations include restoring original timber floorboards.  Timber flooring can be painted or stained to create a whole new look in your home, and a beautiful rug is guaranteed to compliment your new style!

Add an Outdoor Area

The addition of a beautiful outdoor entertaining area is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment: it can create an extra area for entertaining and family living while adding significant value to your home.  Timber decks, garden beds and general landscaping may require extensive planning and elbow grease but believe us when we say every ounce of effort will be worth it.

The team at Combit Construction building company in North London are here to help you every step of the way to a beautiful and economical home renovation.  We have the experience, the expertise and the practical know-how to ensure that your project is a complete success story!  Call us today on 02084572772

Sam Allcock