Facilities Management is a job title that requires expert coordination of daily tasks to be performed by a business. It includes the quality assurance of functions and collecting that required paperwork to perform those tasks. Facilities managers are also concerned with creating more productivity, cutting costs, and minimizing operations.

What is “WorkForce” Facilities Management Software?

Facilities Management Software by Workforce is a piece of an application built to keep the workings of facilities managers in mind. To reduce their work pressure and increase their productivity. The workforce FMS performs four critical features for your business, like no others:

  1. Customer Retention Tools: Personalised customer portal for two-way direct messaging.
  2. Task Scheduling: One-click Task generation and remorse assignment to the most suitable workers.
  3. Timeline Management: Timekeeper, worker’s progress, time spent on the tasks assigned, and transfer of jobs.
  4. Paper Work Wizard: Authority Signatures, Data transfers, offline support, and total fieldwork access to the workers for better performance.

Purpose of Workforce Facilities Management Software:

In any business, there are many tasks created and performed with consistency. The workforce FMS or Facilities Management Software is the digital tools to perform those tasks with highly amplified efficiency.

Functional Areas of Facilities Management Software:

The workplace FMS performs the following types of versatile functionality for your business:

  1. Internal office communication.
  2. Fieldwork supervision.
  3. Clients and sales channels.
  4. Customer care and after-sales support.
  5. Logistics Tracking in realtime.
  6. Payments and receipts.
  7. Custom Offers for the clients.
  8. Online and offline connectivity.
  9. Approve and disprove official authorization for inspections and tasks.
  10. Connect all remote stakeholders related to a project.
  11. Integrate essential documents like W-9 forms and insurance info.
  12. Create and share need base proposals for every client.
  13. Collect feedback and service reviews from every customer.
  14. Record, arrange and quantify all assets of the business on one platform.

Benefits of “Workforce” Facilities Management Software:

There are many great uses and advantages of Workforce Facilities Management Software. The most prominent ones are as under:

  1. It Saves time and increases productivity.
  2. It collects all work-related information in one place.
  3. Managers can create and monitor tasks with a click of a button.
  4. The field staff can stay connected with each other and with their supervisors at all times.
  5. It automatically fills the required data in the task reports.
  6. It helps in sending custom messages to clients in one click.
  7. It is easy to operate and understand by every member of the team.
  8. It is useful for producing instant invoices at one click.
  9. The field members can use it both offline and online.
  10. Managers can create tasks from a remote location and delegate them to the best-suited worker.
  11. Clients can keep track of all the discounts, offers, and the latest updates about their orders.
  12. It is suitable for the environment because it transfers 90% of paperwork on digital platforms.
  13. FMS saves time by giving the option of a signature on work contracts for authorization.


Facilities Management is a taxing task. Due to work pressure, the manager cannot focus on improving the department’s working capacity. With the help of workforce facilities management software, the job of a manager is reduced to half. The workers and clients associated with it have better access to business communication, and a lot of cost and time can be saved.

Sam Allcock