It’s undeniable that homemakers are continually busy. They have to run a household as efficiently as possible. They have to juggle several things at once, and it wouldn’t be surprising that they might leave out a chore or two now and then because they’ve got too much on their plate.

One undeniable fact is that a homeowner may not have enough time to properly dispose of various household rubbish. This is where a reputable skip hire company, such as Skip Hire Folkestone would come in handy. They can provide homemakers with an option to quickly remove such wastes from their properties at a reasonable cost. It gives them peace of mind that they would properly dispose of eyesores without much effort.

Here are some tips you would need to consider if you’re looking to hire a mini skip hire company.

Type of waste

One of the first things you have to look into is determining if the company processes the waste you need to dispose of. It wouldn’t be great if you hire a company and they don’t have the correct bins to store the waste. It’s going to be a waste of time and resources.

Available bin sizes

You have to determine how much waste you need to remove from your property. Then, you need to factor in the bin sizes available for hire from the company. Do they have the right size bin for your purposes? You don’t want to hire a bigger skip and pay much more than you need to in the first place.


An essential factor to look into is the price. You need to look into several companies and compare their prices. We know that you wouldn’t want to be overcharged for such a service. Do your due diligence before hiring them.

Online availability and presence

Browsing through several web pages shouldn’t take much of your time. You need to sign up for a company that has an online presence because it would allow you to avail of their services even without picking up the phone. If that company can also help you with your enquiries ASAP, you can certainly look to hire them.

Customer service and support

One of the considerations you need to look into is the level of customer service. For example, do they get back to you regarding your enquiries promptly? Can you contact them 24/7 and expect a response quickly? Do they have capable and friendly support staff?

Feedback and reputation 

Another thing you need to check about the company is customers’ feedback and reviews. What do their previous customers say about them? Did they have a positive experience? This will give you a baseline on what kind of service to expect from them.

Awards and recognition

You can also look into if the company has received recognition from their industry. If they have, this means they have extensive experience and expertise, which bodes well.


Disposing of various household wastes need not be a challenge with the right skip hire company. You need to look into several factors before deciding which company to hire.

Claire Preece