No matter what your budget is, architecture marketing can really make a difference for your business.

Your architectural business is your pride and joy. You may have built it from the ground up, (quite literally) or played an important part in its growth over the years. Whatever your role, you’ll want your business to succeed more than anything else. If you don’t have the architecture marketing you need for your business, then you’ll quickly fall behind.

The industry is a tough one to break into and making a name for yourself can seem near impossible. You know you are good at what you do, but how do you let everyone else see that? Architecture marketing can put more eyes on your business and keep you at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind.

When it comes to selling your architectural services, you need a solid plan in place to communicate with the right people and showcase your services in a way that brings prospective clients to you. But, how do you begin? How can an architecture marketing strategy put you in a great position online?

Here are some of the best marketing strategies you can use to increase your online exposure:

Social media marketing.

Social media isn’t just a fad. It’s a way of increasing your brand awareness when targeting the right people, and there are so many ways you can engage potential customers in conversation. Taking advantage of free profiles on the most popular sites is a great way to kick off your architecture marketing.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, are great for businesses. It’s important to really optimise your page, including your contact information as well as the services you can offer. You need this information to be as detailed and as accurate as possible to ensure you really establish yourself in your industry. LinkedIn, for example, is a completely professional social network, which can be an important stepping stone to success when connecting relevant users.

It’s surprising that businesses in the architecture industry feel the need to step back from social media, when in fact, it could be an essential part of a working marketing strategy. What’s great for you, is that by signing up and using social media, you’re getting ahead of the game. A lot of your competitors aren’t actually using a social media marketing strategy at the moment – fact!

Lead generation.

We don’t mean calling up potential clients or customers and selling your services without targeting the right people. This rarely works as a marketing tactic. We’re talking about digital marketing. Marketing that involves creating websites and new web pages, getting details from sign-up forms and creating marketing funnels. The ways that are much more likely to bring in genuine leads and sales.

Creating a website for your services opens up so many more paths for you. You’ll not only have your own online space to advertise your services, but you’ll then be able to implement a search engine optimisation strategy alongside this.

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website to rank for certain keywords and phrases in a Google search. By doing this effectively, you can get more people clicking through to your site after they carry out a Google search for a specific keyword – something like, ‘architects in London’ for example.

Send out newsletters.

Email marketing allows you to send out emails to a database of email addresses. Creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter about your services, positive case studies and testimonials as well as industry news is an effective marketing tactic.

You need to provide information to your audience that is valuable. For example, a useful guide or links to multiple articles that will encourage people to click through to your site and read more. Having a signup form on your website is great to encourage people to enter their details, especially if you can provide something free and valuable for doing so.


Pay per click advertising is a quick way to increase revenue and the amount of clicks your site receives. It works by running ads to your website which you can target to specific people who are searching for your services online.

Nowadays, it’s easy to create an advertisement because of available ad maker tools. With this, you can position your website above all of the top organic ranking pages, meaning you’ll be visible before your competitors and gain maximum visibility for your business. This method of advertising is a highly effective way of bringing traffic to your website.

Powerful content.

Creating powerful, shareable content is one of the big ways to encourage a new client to come on board. This content is not only useful in terms of persuasion, but written the right way, content can help position you highly in a search.

When you think of content, you think of words on a page, usually. However, content comes in different forms, from articles and blog posts to images and video. The phrase ‘content is king’ wasn’t created for no reason – it’s incredibly powerful!

Will architecture marketing improve your sales?

Without a doubt, architecture marketing for your firm will be a positive change. No matter which strategy or selection of strategies you implement, you’ll be in a much better position to sell your services to the right audience than you were originally.

Create your social profiles, optimise your website and grow your customer base!

This post was in collaboration with Bigfoot Digital, digital marketing experts based in Yorkshire, UK. For more information about their architecture marketing services or to chat to a member of their team, visit their website:

Elliot Preece