Building something is always a difficult task. However, using the right diggers for the right space is most important. You cannot use huge digging machines or create a wide construction mess around your working property which is surrounded by neighbours. Any construction man and digger hire would make sure that they have the right sized machines without losing the power and efficiency which comes with large diggers. This is why mini and micro diggers are the most favourite choices of people. Let’s know more about them:

What Are Mini and Micro Diggers?

Mini and Micro diggers are one of the most popular choices in the construction industry. They are basically variations of the same construction machine. One of the major differences between the two is that mini diggers measure around 2-8 tonnes. However, a micro digger measures around 1 ton only.

Advantageous Features of Micro and Mini Diggers

1.    Easy to operate

The body of these machines is very compact. You can add different types of attachments on it and it will still not take up a lot of space. The machines are very user friendly. You don’t need to have a professional person with a background of construction to operate them. Anyone can learn to use it manually within a span of a few hours.

2.    Works in tight spaces

Unlike huge constructing machines which cannot fit in many areas, these machines are very space-friendly. They can fit in smaller regions of the construction site and you can expect to have more precision due to their size. A lot of time is wasted while positioning large machines but by using these space-friendly machines you can save time.

3.    Less destruction takes place on the construction site

Large diggers cause the ground to crack and tremble on which they are working. Using micro and mini diggers ensures that the ground is not as scraped and grounded as the large diggers. These smaller machines have rubber tracks installed in their wheels which makes them more sturdy. There is no chance of any material falling from the machine or it slipping on an uneven land. Also, most times in order to fit larger machines, the grounds have to be torn down. However due to the compactness of the mini and micro diggers, no extra ground has to be ruined.

4.    Hassle-free transportation

Most digger hire companies cost a lot of money just for transportation. They use large machines which are extremely difficult to transport and move from area to area. This is why micro and mini diggers are so in demand. They are conveniently easier to transport due to their smaller sizes and are much more easy to control. “Digger Hire Essex” is one of the best company in Essex to go for.

5.    Budget-friendly

It is cheaper to hire a micro and mini digger compared to larger machines. At the time of hauling these large machines on the highway, a special permit is required to let them pass through. This is not in the case of the mini and micro diggers. No digger hire driver requires any special permit to haul these small diggers. In fact, their smaller size plays a beneficial role. They can easily be loaded on a truck trail and can be travelled with ease. The drivers who are carrying these large diggers also need to have a commercial driving licence. This is not required for smaller diggers.

6.    High functionality

Most people are mistaken to think that the small size diggers are less functional or have less power. Their functionality is not limited. They can be swung at a 360 degree angle. If there is any dump that needs to be thrown somewhere, they will not need to stop and transport, they will just swing their arms towards that area and easily throw it out.


You don’t need to have a professional construction man and digger hire to help use these micro and mini diggers. It can be used by anyone who spends a short time using it. These smaller machines are the more popular choices in the construction industry.

Claire Preece