UK Homes Could Enjoy Lower Bills with Renewable Heating

According to renewable heating group Innasol, UK homes are some of the least efficient in all of Europe. The renewable heating experts, as well as analyst group Frost & Sullivan believe that UK homes spend significantly more on energy than they need to, and that switching over to more energy efficient forms of heating could help hundreds of thousands of homeowners save money.

In a new Renewable Heat Report, the two groups claim that UK homeowners are largely unaware of new measures such as the government’s 2011 Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. The scheme, known as RHI, is currently only open to non domestic installations but will soon be extended to domestic households.

For most UK households, heating is the largest part of the monthly energy bill. UK consumers spend an average of 78% of their energy on heating their homes — a figure that’s significantly higher than those seen in many European countries. In addition to the significant monthly cost of heating our homes, UK houses are reportedly the least energy efficient in Western Europe.

More alarmingly, UK consumers could face additional increases to the cost of energy. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the cost of gas could increase by as much as 20 per cent by 2020. UK households have reportedly been slow to adapt to the new technologies available providing renewable, environmentally-friendly home heating.

Just 16 per cent of UK residents are aware that heat pumps are sources of renewable heating, and only 25 per cent are aware that biomass heating systems are renewable solutions. UK residents have blamed confusion over government programmes for the large-scale lack of awareness of new renewable heating solutions.

In order to meet its 2020 carbon targets, the UK needs to install over 750,000 additional renewable heating systems in UK homes. The Department of Energy and Climate Change hopes that the extension of the Renewable Heat Incentive to UK households will increase the level of consumer interest in renewable heating solutions.

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