Any plumbing riser features a pipe of vertical projection, due to which wastewater is drained from the building’s upper floors. This design is the basic highway for the transfer and further disposal of wastewater produced by household and plumbing appliances.

Repair or complete replacement?

Most often you can find plumbing risers made of durable plastic in modern homes. It is extremely rare for experts to detect outdated cast-iron structures, however, they do exist. A rare experienced plumber is ready to take on the repair of an old cast-iron plumbing riser because this is a pointless and costly undertaking. In the vast majority of cases, you will be offered to change it for a new one made of reliable plastic. The repair will be a salvation in the case when the breakdown is really not serious:

  • The presence of small xcracks caused leakage.
  • Breakage of a sewer pipe.
  •  Leaks at the junction of the riser with an adapter, tee or coupling.

How to understand that the riser needs to be replaced?

You may order qualified plumbing in Toronto in situations where the riser needs to be repaired or replaced. Sewer risers that are completely out of order need a complete replacement, namely:

  • With broken structure.
  • Leaky.
  • Expired.
  • Made from obsolete, unreliable materials (cast iron).
  • Caused a serious leak (often repeated).

Notice, that plumbing riser partial replacement may involve the implementation of repair procedures in a specific area of the sewer system. The need for such an event may arise if a specialist has identified:

  • The need to perform a planned change of the sewer structure’s spare parts.
  • Critical technical condition of the sewer system (serious leak).

Sometimes the owners of a home or office form a request for an urgent replacement of pipes, even at the stage preceding the appearance of a leak. Experts who have been working in this field for a long time note that cast-iron sewers are found in old houses, which are characterized by low reliability and short service life. In this regard, even if minor leaks are detected, it is recommended to replace such a design with a new one made of durable PVC pipes.

How to order a riser change?

According to generally accepted standards for the replacement of such structures in an apartment building, most often private plumbing in Toronto is ordered:

  • Planned (at the stage when the replacement time for the structure is approaching, according to regulatory documents).
  • In an emergency (in case of a sudden breakdown or leak).

For prompt and high-quality replacement of a failed riser, the owner of residential or office space can contact the management company (responsible for solving technical problems), or directly to a private plumbing organization. In the second case, you can count on prompt and high-quality elimination of the breakdown through a complete change of the sewer riser. Plumbing experts will review your application in a short time, assess the scale of the problem, and promptly complete the planned scope of work.


In the presence of an outdated cast-iron or another sewer riser, it is better not to waste time and money on repairing it, but immediately order a complete change of design to a new one. The new riser should be made of modern durable plastic. In this case, the system will serve you for a long time and with high quality, ideally performing its main function.

Sam Allcock