Imperial Apartments, Caridon Property Group’s Bristol development, was created with an emphasis on sustainability and keeping the planet green. Imperial Apartments is an eco-friendly investment featuring solar roofs, as well as a car park fitted with electrical charging points for eco-friendly vehicles. The development also features plenty of cycle storage, enabling residents to enjoy the many cycle routes nearby.

According to, electric vehicles accounted for just 10% of new cars sold in 2020. Although this proportion remains small, it does represent a significant improvement on figures from 2019, when just 1 in 30 vehicles sold were electric. Overall, demand for fully electric vehicles increased by 186% in 2020, with 83% of drivers reporting that they planned to make the switch to an electric vehicle with their next car purchase. This figure was even higher in millennials, 91% of whom said they were preparing to make the switch.

With higher numbers of millennials living in apartments than other age groups, introducing electric vehicle charging facilities to existing apartment blocks and new builds is integral to creating cleaner, greener neighbourhoods. Electric vehicle charging facilities also increase the desirability of rental properties, boosting not only their popularity but also their future resale value.

Almost a third of the 38 million cars on Britain’s roads today lack off-street parking. Many are owned by individuals living in an apartment, flat or terraced house. The UK Government has also identified other ‘consumer choke points’ hindering the transition to electric vehicles. For instance, until relatively recently, leaseholders and renters could not access OZEV grant aid to fund installation of home charging stations.

In the UK, regulations set out strict criteria for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, including a requirement that charging points are only installed on ground level, at least two metres away from the road. To qualify for installation of an electric vehicle charging point, a property must also benefit from off-street parking that is accessed via a drop curb. To install a charging point, leaseholders and renters would need to obtain permission from the apartment’s freehold owner, management company or another third party. In addition, the sheer practical difficulties associated with running a cable to the ground floor from a distribution board located in a higher flat can be a significant stumbling block.

Whether a resident owns their own electric vehicle or intends to purchase one at a later date, the inclusion of dedicated and optimised charging stations at Imperial Apartments is a major step towards making the neighbourhood cleaner and greener, helping to drive down greenhouse gas emissions and benefiting residents, the local community and the planet.

The importance of solar energy is underscored by its capacity to produce sustainable electricity, helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuel-driven power plants. Solar energy has been hailed as a key component in the race towards sustainability, helping countries all around the world to meet ambitious clean energy targets. In many countries, households and businesses that invest in solar energy benefit from significant tax incentives, with governments recognising the need to encourage home and business owners to make more environmentally friendly, sustainable choices and driving a shift towards clean, green energy.

In addition to electric vehicle charging stations in the development’s generous car park, Imperial Apartments residents also benefit from solar panel roofs at the location. As a result, all apartments boast an impressive B+ energy efficiency rating, helping to drive down energy bills for residents. Equipped with the latest fibre optic broadband for use by all residents, Imperial Apartments also offers an array of on-site amenities, including four IT suites, three fully equipped gyms, a conference and meeting room, a state-of-the-art outdoor full-weather play area for children and a soft play area including an iPad station featuring educational games.

Claire Preece