Environmental awareness has become a growing priority for many architects, estate agents and people looking for new “eco-friendly” homes. The Mortgage Genie agency has taken this into consideration to help clients find new places to live, create dream homes and support families.

This initiative to build sustainable property has become a  popular trend in public and private property markets. The aim is to prevent environmental damage and avoid the construction of harmful and polluting buildings. Many traditional and older properties did not take sustainability into consideration and as a result have negatively impacted our planet through excessive energy consumption or by using harmful materials.

What is meant by sustainable construction?

When we talk about sustainable construction, we refer to the use of materials that have a low impact on the environment and have minimal impact on environmental deterioration. This deterioration can include the use of any man-made material that can damage the earth’s biosphere, for example, certain materials can impact the surrounding ecosystem through leaching of chemicals and deposits. The bioconstruction industries are responsible for using materials that are more beneficial than harmful for the environment.

The use of these alternative or ecological materials reduces the exploitation of natural resources. They help to minimise the production of industrial waste, which according to studies, have contributed to the environmental pollution that affects the world we live in today. In general terms, the use of these materials provide an alternative pathway for construction by helping to recover and restore the environment whilst continuing with the general growth of the population and the need for housing.

Advantages of sustainable  construction

Sustainable materials with a low impact on the environment have many advantages. Most notably the reduction of the damage that normally occurs with the construction and designs of another type of company. some of the advantages include:

  • Saving money in the payment of supplies, most of the expense will be saved by relying on renewable energy, such as solar power.
  • A duty of care for the environment so that the damage and negative impact is reduced.
  • Greater durability of the materials, they are made to withhold and survive for long periods of time in addition to being cheaper and more simple than other non-sustainable materials.
  • Healthcare, being ecological materials, they don’t use toxic substances that can affect the health of the people who live in the home.
  • Decrease in contamination of soil, air and water
  • For many people, the simple fact of inhabiting this type of construction brings with it a feeling of comfort and peace of mind.

What do mortgage providers prefer?

There are very few estate agencies that take care of and offer mortgage services to places that have been created with sustainable materials. The real estate agency ‘The Mortgage Genie’, whose founder Matt Stevens is proud to maintain a high level of quality by spending years in the financial industry. They are recognised for their efforts to encourage more sustainable properties in the market. Their Motto is to “prioritize the well-being of everyone who chooses to choose the company to create their home”.

Its clientele have certified the success of the agency in achieving the best constructions to inhabit.  They are environmentally conscious and like to maintain the properties to a modern, eco-friendly standard in order to ensure their service is the best it can be.

Claire Preece