Case Studies

The Low Carbon Buildings Programme was open to a wide variety of applicants. Different schemes were open to individuals and householders, communities, small to medium sized businesses, and large scale installations in enterprise or public organisation environments.

While the Low Carbon Buildings Programme is no longer active, you can use the links in this section to learn more about the Programme’s eligibility requirements, view examples of the types of grants that were available under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, and view case studies of successful applications, grants, and microgeneration technology installations.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change launched the Low Carbon Buildings Programme in April 2006 to replace the DTI Clear Skies and DTI Major PV Demonstration Programme. The first phase of the Programme launched with a £35 million budget to assist householders, businesses and public organisations in making their homes and workplaces more environmentally friend and energy efficient.

The Programme closed in 2011 and has since been replaced by the Renewable Heat Premium Payment for householders and the Renewable Heat Incentive for non domestic buildings. Although the case studies in this section do not necessarily demonstrate technology that’s compliant with the new programmes, they indicate the focus of the LCBP and the new government incentives for renewable energy.

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