Be it a household, commercial, or industrial, various gas cylinders are available for all your requirements. But when it comes to household gas bottles, they are available in different sizes and weights. And mostly 45kg gas is supplied for domestic use because it is conveniently easy and safe to exchange or store LPG gas bottles. Also, LPG produces more heat than any other natural gas. Usually, Household LPG is used for hot water, heating, cooking, barbeque, etc.

Due to steady heat generation, organic & clear fuel quality, LPG is also preferred for domestic and industrial use. Also, it is considered an environmentally friendly energy source. However, natural gases like– Acetylene, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, and helium are also used for commercial or industrial sectors. In this article, we will discuss various gases as well as their various uses. So, if you are searching for gas delivery in Brisbane or are keen to know about the various gases, keep reading further.

Gas suppliers 

Whether you are purchasing Gas for your domestic use, hospitality, production, manufacturing, or any distribution sector, quality Gas is necessary. Below we have shared various gas suppliers who distribute gas bottles in Brisbane, Australia.

1. Industrial Gas supplier 

As mentioned earlier, a good gas provider company like PlusGas provides quality gas bottles serviced and tested according to Australian standards. In addition, they supply a comprehensive range of gas cylinders as per the client’s requirement. Also, PlusGas provides its service with minimal operational downtime. Moreover, not only LPG but also natural gases like – Acetylene, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, and helium.

–     Acetylene

It is commonly mixed with oxygen to produce flames, hot enough to cut or weld any steel material. Therefore, it is considered the hottest as well as most efficient Gas available for industrial use. The only thing to consider is that this Gas is extremely sensitive and explosive, stored in a well-ventilated area.

–     Nitrogen

Nitrogen gas is typically used in medical facilities for certain products, but you can pack fruit and vegetables with it too. However, nitrogen is very popular in the motor industry, as it is very easy to decrease and stabilize tire pressure.

–     Helium

Helium gas is popular for party balloons, but you can use it as shielding Gas for welding non-ferrous metal material like aluminium.

–     Aegon Blends 

Aegon gas is used as welding gas in the steel industry. This Gas can be combined with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium to weld aluminium or stainless steel.

2. Commercial or Hospitality Gas 

There are various options of gases like – LPG cylinders, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide available for various hospitality applications. Below we have shared the list of the gases that are being used in the commercial sector.

–     Co2 carbonation 

The gas beverage dispensing solutions or Co2 gas bottles are used to produce soft drinks and beer. While using bottles, you will reduce the wastage of beverages. Also, it will eliminate the requirement of any complex electric pump.

–     Heating

LPG is utilized to heat any food material, water, swimming pool and provide air conditioning throughout the summer. Also, you can use this multipurpose Gas for patio heaters placed in outdoor dining setups. Because LPG cylinders are portable and an ideal option for mobile food vans or catering.

3. Domestic Gas 

Another reason to choose LPG or personal usage is that it requires LPG gas to be pressurized and packed in a bottle. Therefore, it becomes safer and easier to carry or transport than to use Natural Gas distributed in various networks. You will rarely experience any gas faults with your appliances. And if you will contract with a re-owned company, cylinders will be tested according to Australian Standards and pre-service. There are various advantages of LPG gas which are listed below:

– LPG burns quickly without any specific smell

– It has low black carbon emissions; therefore, it does not pollute your apartment’s environment

– LPG efficiently produces more heat than any other gas

– It’s also portable so that you can install it anywhere


We hope this article has helped us understand the various gas distributors and gases used for different purposes. We recommend you consider the guide given above to gain knowledge before signing a new gas contract.

Rachel Sterry