The secret to a lasting air conditioning unit is regular maintenance. If you don’t want your AC to let you down during a scorching day, make sure it is well cared for. Below are some of the best maintenance practices you can use for a smooth-running AC at the office.

Clean the coils

The coils on air conditioning systems are vital as they assist refrigerant’s heat absorption and cool your space. After years of use, the coils accumulate dirt, which reduces their ability to absorb heat. Your AC will need to double the work to cool your space because of this reason.

To avoid overworking your AC, make sure to upkeep the air conditioning coils regularly. The best method is to clean the condenser unit from dirt and debris first. The condenser unit is the part of the AC placed outdoors.

If you don’t have any experience with office air conditioning services before, it’s best to ask professionals for help. They know what to do and have the tools necessary for the job.

Change your air filter monthly

There are many factors to consider to determine how often you should change air filters. Those factors include the type of air filter you use and whether anyone at the office has allergies.

An air filter traps particles such as dirt, dander, and dust so they can’t circulate inside your office. However, only air filters that are clean and not bogged down with debris and dirt particles can work efficiently. The problem with dirty air filters is that they will strain your air conditioner, and worse, they reduce the air quality inside your office.

Check the condensate drain

In air conditioning systems, condensate drain is a vital component that lets condensation drain outdoors. Without proper and regular maintenance, the condensate drain could be clogged and obstruct drainage. Maintain your AC so it works efficiently, and inspect the condensate drain from time to time to see if it is properly draining water. Once there is an issue, unclog the blockage or ask an AC company for help.

Inspect the fins

The evaporator and condenser of your air conditioning system have fins. Make sure that these fins are not bent to ensure efficient airflow. In any case, a fin comb can help you separate bent fins. If fin combs don’t work, ask a professional AC technician for help.

Inspect where the noise is coming from

For ACs with new condensers, the compressor might be the origin of the noise. A sound blanket intended for the model of your air conditioner helps solve this problem. Installing a sound blanket is easy. However, putting a sound blanket on an old AC unit is not practical.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your AC might be the least of your priorities in your daily life, given that you have a lot of more important things to do. However, it is vital to maintain your ACs to prevent them from failing in times you need them the most.

Claire Preece