Minature houses resting on pound coin stacks concept for property ladder, mortgage and real estate investment

It’s fair to say that over the years, especially since the financial downturn of 2008 and the years directly prior and subsequently, that finding a solid and safe investment has been something of a full-time mission.

Whisper it quietly but a return to property may be the where the smart money lives, especially if you’ve been burned by other more risky attempts to make a strong profit from your hard-earned savings.

The thing with property, unlike some areas of investment that go through boom and busts far too frequently, is that it’s a constant in all our lives and looks certain to remain as such for decades to come.

There are two avenues to pursue in this area, the property market and the rental sector, both offering good options to increase your investment portfolio, but offering markedly different ways with which to do so.

Buying property outright offers you complete control, though requires larger levels of liquidity, whereas moving into the rental market offers a greater dividend, especially in the short to medium-term.

Whereas investments in stocks or Cryptocurrencies have some level of attraction, the rewards are far more risky and not tangible, whereas the bricks and mortar of property are set in stone and it’s no surprise that those who take the plunge into property investment, do so for the long haul.

Choosing to invest in stocks requires a great deal of research, especially if you are looking to take as much of the gamble out of the process, and outside influences can frequently negatively affect your returns.

Property is usually where real financial successes can be found and even in times of real uncertainty there will always be a large number of investors keeping a firm eye on potential returns from the market.

Looking to make significant sums from the future resale of a property can engender the types of returns that are large enough to scale up and continue your portfolio growth. In other words the rate of financial increase can outstrip those you might find in stocks and shares.

Working in the real estate market is an exciting investment opportunity and there are a number of ways to take on the task.

Your investment could involve becoming a rental landlord for a number of properties, you could elect to try your hand at real estate trading, otherwise known as ‘flipping’, you could become part of a larger real estate group, or finally you could invest your money in a real estate investment fund, or REITs).

Each of these options entails a different skillset and the level of involvement and time you put in varies but the key connection with all these strands is unified.

If it’s possible to say that an investment is fail-safe, and that’s a large statement to back, then putting your financial assets in property is as close to a safe bet as you could find.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect to take on board is the fact that regardless of whether the overall housing market is up, or down, there is a chance to profit either way, simply by being on either side of the trade. I.e. a property market that is in a slump will lead to opportunities to find a bargain that can be invested in for the long haul, while simultaneously an overall downturn in the economy will invariably lead to a boosting of the rental market.

It’s very much a win/win thing. So if you are looking to find a strong investment opportunity to get behind then you’d do well to unlock the property investment door.

Claire Preece