Among the many appealing towns and boroughs of London, Hertfordshire is considered one of the best regions for new and growing families. With over ninety schools rounding the corners of the neighbourhoods of Herts, families with children can effortlessly find a place to live close by for effortless commutation. Hertfordshire never fails to bag the top position every year in the list of best places to live in London. Leisure spots like trampolining, bowling arenas, cinemas, pubs, cafes and restaurants attract people across different neighbourhoods to Herts. This place is popular for the historical wonders, widespread availability of amenities and the convenient transport links that interconnect different parts of London with Hertfordshire. Living in Herts is always a pleasant experience for new residents moving into this neighbourhood. Properties like apartments, detached and semi-detached homes are available in Hertfordshire in large numbers. With Hertfordshire Estate Agents in the vicinity, it has become more comfortable for people to get their hands on the best and budget-friendly properties in Hertfordshire. The property value at Hertfordshire has seen fluctuations over the last few years but has always favoured the seller’s market. The overflowing number of buyers and overseas investors has expanded the property market in Hertfordshire, making it easier for property owners to sell in this neighbourhood. 


Identifying the right time to decide when to sell a property in London is an essential aspect to sell the property as quickly as possible according to the seller’s requirements and necessities. Most people start house hunting during the summers where the property market is busy. This can be the right time for sellers to put their property market in the public forum like property finder websites or through local estate agents to bring more eyeballs. Checking the seasonal rise and drop of property prices is crucial so that sellers can benefit the maximum out of it. 


Buyers have keen eyes and look for perfection in every corner of the property before buying them. The first thing that catches a buyer’s attention is the exterior builds, walls, indoor lighting, decors, utilities like gas connections, electricity, security systems and more. Setting them straight before a potential buyer pays a visit is essential to make great first impressions. Likewise, cleaning the floors and other surfaces thoroughly is also vital to enhance the appearance. Homes that are a few years old will have existing repairs that might require immediate attention. Most of the properties for sale in St Albans and in neighbouring boroughs are available in perfect conditions making it convenient for property investors.


Not all of them are well aware of the step-by-step process involved in selling a property in a massive city like London. Handling this course single-handedly is a long and tiresome process. Chances of missing out on some steps are high and can cause terrible confusion in the middle of the process. Letting Agents in St Albans and Hertfordshire can assist and guide the property owners with the selling process from beginning till the paperwork is finalised. With lockdown restrictions imposed a few months back, estate agents managed to organise virtual home tours for potential buyers, which opened doors to increased property sales in Hertfordshire in the last year. 


It is necessary to keep the property visually appealing and neat when planning to sell it out. People visiting the property will expect the home to be clean and rid of all the unnecessary clutter. Giving a good makeover to the home creates a better impact on buyers and helps the property get sold faster. Grooming the backyards and lawns plays a vital role in boosting the curb appeal and increasing the property value. Making productive use and transformations of attics, garages, and other free spaces is an added advantage for sellers to find the right prospects.


Property prices vary on different levels in many parts of London with every passing year. Hertfordshire is an in-demand region among families moving in here with competitive property pricing. The real estate market has spiked up by 11.48% in St Albans and Hertfordshire, backing the seller’s market. Setting a price tag after comparing the properties available in the neighbourhood is essential to stay on top of the property charts. Prices are set according to the property type, locality, size of the property and nearby amenities. Lowering the costs for dormant properties is necessary for selling them faster in a hassle-free way.

Rachel Sterry