Experiencing Canada’s rich heritage while enjoying modern comforts can be an experience of a lifetime. Hence, if you are in the offing to rent luxury cottage, then why not try your hands at a heritage cottage that can hold the key to historical charm with modern amenities? Imagine renting a slice of a heritage luxury cottage to be taken back in time and be a part of the tales from yesteryears while enjoying the best comforts of the present.

Discover the quaintness of heritage cottages

By leasing a luxury cottage, that has been maintained and cared for, you get to secure not just a place to stay but a piece of history. There are actually a number of Historic Cottages throughout Canada that are a source of pride in both their unique story and architectural style, spanning from rustic log cabins to elegant Victorian homes. Heritage cottages will give you that old elegance with a touch of modern luxury and will give you the vacation of a lifetime.

The strong appeals of the heritage cottages come forth through their unique personalities. Unlike modern constructions, all such properties are made from original elements, with genuine craft indicative of the time in which they really belonged. Inside, exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces, vintage furnishings, and more are kept handily on the right side of falling to pieces in order to retain the look of a bygone era. Yet the cottages have been upgraded inside to give the modern conveniences for a welcome and luxurious stay:

  • Heritage cottages are mostly built of specific architectural designs that record various instances of the Canadian historical background.
  • Staying in a heritage cottage will give you a feel of time travel and an experience to know about local culture and the past corresponding to it.
  • Historic yet featured with modern conveniences, these cottages include high-speed internet, gourmet kitchens, and luxurious bathrooms.
  • Heritage homes sit in serene locations, offering tranquil and beautiful surroundings.

Heritage Cottages are a unique medley of the charm of yesteryears combined with the luxuries of today ‒ yet always providing an experience far richer than an ordinary vacation rental.

A Peek of some of the popular heritage cottages of Canada

There are so many well-maintained heritage cottages in several places in Canada. Here are a few examples:

  • Prince Edward Island. Red sandstone cliffs and pastoral landscapes dotted with heritage gingerbread cottages, all remnants of the rich maritime heritage of the island. Imagine staying in a beautifully restored Victorian farmhouse with sweeping views of the ocean.
  • Quebec City. Across this historic city is a host of heritage properties, some dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, including the cottages, marrying French colonial architecture with modern luxury suitable for romantics.
  • Ontario Cottage Country. Muskoka is often called Ontario Cottage Country. Historic and modernized cabins with original rustic charm. This is a serious lakefront view with cozy interior log aesthetics back to simpler times.
  • Nova Scotia. The historic sea-going province of Nova Scotia offers heritage cottages that blend coastal charm with historical elegance. Stay in a renovated lighthouse keeper’s cottage or a century-old coastal home furnished with all the modern amenities.

Stay in one of the heritage cottages in these regions to get a wonderful experience of accommodation, as well as to learn their history and culture. Emotions will abound when you explore maritime history in Prince Edward Island, the French colonial architecture in Quebec City, the untouched beauty of Ontario, and the coastal sophistication of Nova Scotia.

Claire Preece