If you’re planning to sell a property of any kind, it simply makes sense to ensure you get the best possible price for it. The good news is that whether considering minor tweaks or major improvements, there are affordable funding solutions to suit all property improvements.

Examples of which include bridging loans (aka bridging finance), development finance, secured loans and personal loans where smaller amounts are required.

Minor Tweaks

It’s not always necessary to go to extremes to add value to a property in a cost-effective manner. Tried and trusted methods for getting the job done at an affordable price include the following:

  1. Exterior Enhancements

Always remember that prospective buyers will base their decisions on their first impressions of your home. Gardens, fencing, exterior lighting, decorative features etc. – all influencing the perceived value of your home.

  1. Address Smaller Imperfections

The same also goes for any minor visual imperfections that could do with being addressed. Cracked tiles, chipped paintwork and anything that could attract attention for the wrong reasons.

  1. Make Your Home Lighter

Natural light creates the illusion of space, significantly enhancing the appeal of the property’s interior. If there’s a way of maximising natural light within your home (mirrors, lighter window dressings etc.), it’s worth doing.

  1. Paint & Decorate

There’s perhaps nothing more effective or affordable than treating your home to a fresh coat of paint. Simply by refreshing the walls and ceilings with a strategically chosen paint colour, you could massively increase the perceived value of your home’s interior spaces.

  1. Carpets & Flooring

The same also applies to carpet and flooring, given how most visitors inspecting homes for sale instinctively look down, before looking anywhere else.

Major Projects

As for the more extensive projects guaranteed to add value to your property, the following are considered the most cost-effective of all:

  1. Home Extensions

While a home extension may be relatively expensive, it can nonetheless transform both the appeal and the market value of any property.

  1. Loft Conversions

It is a similar story with loft conversions, which depending on the size and specification of the property can be surprisingly affordable. Just be sure to check whether you need formal planning permission to legally convert your loft into a functional living space.

  1. Conservatory Installation

Conservatories are available in every imaginable shape and size, though never fail to bring added value and appeal to a property. Just be sure to consider conservatory styles that suit the exterior styling of your home.

  1. Kitchen Refurbishments

Last but not least, if there’s one room at the home that can be a deal-breaker for the modern buyer, it’s the kitchen. Hence, if there’s one refurbishment you’re going to invest heavily in, it may as well be a kitchen refurbishment. An attractive kitchen can add both enormous appeal and significant value to any property of any size.

Elliot Preece