London is a city of striking contrasts when it comes to buying property. There truly is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for the finessed sheen of the new builds, or the classic timelessness that can be found in the city’s most historic neighbourhoods. But if there’s one thing that all London properties have in common from Canary Wharf to Highgate, it’s that they are full of surprises. We’re sure that you don’t need reminding of the current cladding crisis found in many of the city’s apartment buildings, and anyone looking to convert a vintage property into something a little more carbon neutral may find that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Here are three things that anyone looking to invest in a London property should do to make sure that they are fully prepared.

Do Your Legwork

If you’re moving to London for the first time, you might think that the city can be easily sliced up into four neat quarters with “The City” somewhere in the middle. Well, once you set foot in England’s capital you’ll soon find that things are a little more complicated than that. The city is constantly evolving, and yesterday’s bargain-hunting playground is tomorrow’s overpriced nightmare swamp. If you are pushed for time and unable to explore the city yourself, then it will be worth employing the services of a professional whose job it is to stay one step ahead of the game. Speaking of which…

Be Prepared For A Million Pound Mortgage

While there are bargains to be found across the city, some things are going to cost what they cost. If you have your heart set on a classic London townhouse for example, then you are going to be facing prices that may well force you to take a step back and consider your finances. When you are dealing with numbers this high, you are always going to want to know that you are in the hands of seasoned professionals who know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for advice on a million pound mortgage for your dream property, Ennes Global has a team of expert brokers with experience in every sector, using an international network of over 500 lenders. Whether you’re buying for yourself or purchasing a property to let, they have the knowledge and the resources to get you across the finish line.

You Will Need To Move Quickly

Buying a property in London is not just about knowing where to look and who to talk to. It is also about being prepared for the fact that you are jumping into one of the most competitive property markets in the world. It’s a city where everyone is constantly on the move, and people from all over the world are coming to live and work. Recent events such as the pandemic and Brexit may have their impact on industry, but so far it does not look like it has slowed the property market in the capital down one little bit. So, do your research ahead of time and be prepared to act quickly once you find the perfect property.

Claire Preece