When tenants move out it’s not only stressful for them but also for the landlords. It’s easier when landlords also have a list given to tenants so both parties have the same expectations. Landlords should have a checklist included on the lease so it is specified clearly what they expect of the tenants when it comes time for them to move out. Using a move in checklist to describe the original condition of every room on the premises as well as a move out checklist makes it easy for you as the landlord to compare the condition of the premises before the tenant moved in and the condition of the premises when it is time for them to move out.

Some other things you could include in the checklist are as follow:

End of Tenancy Cleaning

The tenant should conduct a thorough end of tenancy cleaning before they move out. The landlord then, prior to the tenant moving out, should conduct an inspection to ensure that nothing is damaged and that the tenant has returned the premises to a similar condition to when they rented it out. Move out cleaning in London can be done by companies and it is easier if landlords provide tenants with information about their preferred service providers.

Collect All Keys, then change Locks

The landlord should collect all copies of the apartment keys, including any the tenant may have given to family and friends, the tenant may overlook these so it is

always prudent to ask. This is to prevent any break-ins until the locks are changed. Once the tenant has moved out the landlord should change all locks so as to ensure the new tenants’ safety. 

Damage Repair and Costs

If any damage is done, one that the tenant has not fixed yet, the landlord can get it done themselves and forward a bill. However, if the tenant refuses to pay for the damage then the landlord is within his/her rights to file a suit.

Return Security Deposit

If everything is in accord, after the tenant moves out and they have conducted a thorough and approved end of tenancy cleaning, the landlord has to return the security deposit to the tenant. The Security Deposit should ideally be mailed to the tenant 30 days after their move inspection. This can be done through the postal office or if the landlord has the previous tenant’s new address it can be delivered there.

Preparing the Place for New Tenants

If the previous tenant has occupied the premises for a long time then the walls might need new paint or the utilities might need to be changed. It is important that before a new tenant arrives the area is thoroughly cleaned so that the new tenant has no complaints.

The tenant should be equipped with the landlords’ contact number so that the tenant can reach the landlord whenever they have a complaint or any questions but make sure that they are aware of the appropriate timings (between 9 am and 5 pm) to make a call. Sometimes tenants have specific requests regarding painting the wall or making a change to the premises. This is up to the landlord whether they permit such an alteration, the landlord can charge the tenant if they choose to do so. However, such a clause should be included in the tenancy agreement so there is written proof that the tenant has agreed to these conditions.

Claire Preece