Your yard garden is a mini adventure park, which is exposed to various external weather conditions. That usually disrupts the seating area as well as the beautification. Also, unnecessary bushes give birth to various bacterial insects. Therefore, to keep your green area clean & bacteria-free, timely maintenance is required. There are various methods to clean your yard area without damaging your healthy grass. One of them is mulching, which is considered the easiest and beneficial way.

Through mulching, you clip the unnecessary grass without disrupting soil temperature and soil moisture. A well-performed mulching session can transform your yard garden into a bed of flowers. And leave behind healthy grass, which is beneficial for your bare feet. This article will discuss the various benefits of mulch and the right way of doing it.


Whether it is organic or inorganic, mulching is considered a useful addition to your garden. It helps prevent the growth of bacterial insects and weed growth and retains beneficial nutrients and moisture. Although mulching your garden is an easy project, consider the benefits given below if you are new to mulching.

1. Prevents soil erosion 

The major benefit of mulching is the prevention of soil erosion. A thick layer of mulch usually protects it from the erosion process by maintaining the topsoil’s moisture and cool temperature. Which is not only beneficial for the garden but perfectly munched and moist grass can relax your bare feet as well.

2. Prevents weed growth

If your garden has bare spots where nothing is growing at the moment, fix the spot by mulching as soon as possible. According to the rules of permaculture, once the bare spot occurs in your yard garden, there are high chances of weed to start growing.

3. Feed soil 

The old organic mulch will gradually start to decay and release beneficial nutrients back to the ground, which will act as fertilizer for the oil and feed required minerals and nutrients. Therefore, mulching is considered a beneficial process for ambiance and soil too. However, always remember that nonorganic mulchers only prevent weed growth but do not feed your soil. Rather it may deplete required soil food by heating the topsoil.

4. Attract beneficial organism

The organic mulching process attracts beneficial organisms like – bacteria, worms, bugs, and even slugs. And once the bacteria start feeding on the mulch, they will add back the nutrients in the soil. However, only organic mulches can attract beneficial organisms, which can convert the mulch into beneficial fertilizer.

5. Smooth your garden

Last but not least, a good mulching session clips excessive growth and leaves behind a polished garden by filling the empty spaces. In addition, the mulching process gives you a sharper look than grass or groundcovers that may require extensive care.


Now that you have understood the beneficial properties of mulching. Let us now throw some light on the process of mulching in brief. Below we have shared seven basic steps to set your mulching machine and start working.

  • Firstly, you will require a special lawnmower attached with a sharp blade so that you can clip any excessive bush or grass.
  • Afterwards, remove the side discharge chute and bag (if it is tucked with your mower).
  • Then, if you require to change the existing blade, remove it carefully.
  • Always check whether your lawnmower has a “mulch bag” attached to block bagging and side chutes.
  • When your mulching machine is all ready, pass over your lawn in a certain direction and clean it systematically.
  • During the mulching process, the deck design and mulch blade use airflow to lift the extra grass to the cutting area and dice it into smaller pieces.
  • As you will proceed forward, the mulching machine will leave behind grass deposits on your lawn.


At the end of this article, we hope that our mulching guide has helped you understand the various benefits of the organic mulching process. But before buying a mulcher, we recommend you consider the benefits and process of mulching given above for a better mulching experience. Also, if you are looking for more efficient results, you can buy a three-in-one capability mulcher.


Rachel Sterry