If you’re looking into selling your property, then you will have likely been considering renovation projects to bolster the value as much as possible. You might also consider doing this after buying a new property as it will likely be cheaper to do now rather than in a few years as the cost of materials rises. Renovating your property can serve as a great way to instantly increase the value of your property or as an investment for the future, in some cases adding tens of thousands of pounds to the overall value of the property. But many people wonder that, alongside kitchens and bathrooms, is it worth making outdoor improvements to your property to add value? The short answer is yes, but what should you consider?

Patio And Paving

While these may require occasional cleaning with a pressure washer, paving and patios are a great way to increase your property’s value as they allow potential buyers to envision quickly getting their garden set up to entertain guests. If your garden is simply an overgrown lawn with nowhere in which people could quickly and easily set up furniture, this can be quite off-putting. Instead, you might find people questioning the overall asking price, too, as they’ll be thinking of all the money that they’ll need to spend getting the garden sorted. Once you add some slabs to your garden and create a patio area, there are plenty of budget patio design ideas to help you spruce the place up and appear more valuable too.

Outdoor Dining Area

Creating a specific outdoor dining area can be a great idea as, if done correctly, it can almost function as an entirely separate room. By adding something like a lean-to pergola to provide shelter and a trellis with climbing plants on one side for added privacy, this area could be a great selling point for your property and even add to the value significantly. The process of building a space like this can be fairly straightforward too, but you should follow a few important steps. Here are the top 7 things to consider when building a Lean-To Pergola Roof complete with sleek, corrugated roofing sheets. Don’t forget to decorate this area to give buyers an idea of what the space could look like when they add their own furniture and outdoor equipment such as barbeques or even a firepit.

Low Maintenance Design

Another great idea is to focus on creating the highest appeal garden possible, yet one that requires the least maintenance too. Plants that are hard to care for, requiring frequent watering and pruning are going to be a turnoff for certain buyers, especially those with busy lives or those that don’t want to spend time getting to grips with the common intricacies of gardening. Due to this, you should plant plenty of low-maintenance plants and shrubs so that these potential buyers will know that they don’t have to do any hard work taking care of the garden. You’ll want to choose plants that are green all year round, too, so that the garden’s appeal stays the same no matter the month. It may also be worthwhile not even having a lawn, as the prospect of regular mowing can be problematic for some, too. Paving and gravel paths can be a good solution for this and can be spruced up significantly with the addition of potted plants.

Claire Preece