The reason for the popularity of the Hot Tubs is the combination of full-fledged massage and water treatments. It has long been known about the beneficial effect of massage on a person’s well-being. And if the massage is combined with water treatments, it will not only bring additional pleasure but also significantly enhance the effect of the procedures.

Many of us are used to calling all uk hot tubs the word “Jacuzzi”. Meanwhile, we are talking about two brothers-Italians by the name of Jakuzzi – it was they who in the middle of the twentieth century began to produce hot tubs on an industrial scale. For a long time, Jacuzzi baths were the only product of their kind, the market leader in luxury plumbing, so the name of the Jacuzzi turned into a household name – the same thing happened with the brand “Xerox”: this is what we call all copiers, and with the brand” Diapers”: now all diapers are diapers, regardless of the brand.

As time went on, cheap hot tub ceased to be a luxury curiosity – the Jacuzzi brothers had many followers and competitors, first in Western Europe, and then around the world. Significantly simplified and improved the technology of production of Jacuzzi baths, new materials have appeared – all this has led to the fact that Jacuzzi hot tubs have migrated from the category of fabulously expensive chic to the category of relatively affordable and very useful acquisitions for the health of the whole family. The benefits of hydro massage are obvious: the Jacuzzi bath guarantees you relaxation after work, raising vitality, excellent skin condition, and excellent mood.

Hot tubs with jacuzzis are a smart investment. And with the advent of sanitary acrylic, this investment has ceased to be so big. Acrylic hydro massage baths are the most popular product in modern plumbing stores. The technology of the production of acrylic products allows you to introduce hydro-massage systems into the structure of the bath without much cost. Hot tubs are made of acrylic in two ways: either an acrylic bath is reinforced in several layers with polymer resins or a compound of an acrylic layer with a more durable polymer – ABS is used. This is done to provide the product with strength and durability, because, in essence, acrylic is an organic glass. It is shiny, beautiful, pleasant to the touch, but, like any glass, it is relatively fragile. Therefore, acrylic hydro massage baths need additional strengthening, then they will last a long time and will delight their owners with their pristine brilliance for more than one year. The technology of the production of acrylic sanitary ware is also good because it allows you to get products of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If your bathroom does not have a large area, and you still want to buy the best hot tubs uk, choose a more compact model – for example, a corner hot tub will suit you. This bath will perfectly fit into the interior, will not take up much space, and at the same time will allow you to comfortably enjoy hydro massage treatments. In addition to the hydro massage, the Jacuzzi baths are equipped with some nice additional options. These are air massage (massage with air bubbles) and chromotherapy (beneficial effects of light radiation of different spectrum). Chromotherapy increases the overall tone of the body, has a beneficial effect on the work of blood vessels. Purple lamps in special reflectors are built into the walls of the bath, which illuminate the body of a person lying in the water from all sides.

Auto-disinfection simplifies the care of the bathroom. At the touch of a button, a disinfectant is supplied, which is then automatically washed off.

The water level sensor monitors how much water the tub is filled with. It usually goes in addition to hydro and air massage.

You can buy hot tubs in any major plumbing store, but we still recommend ordering a hot tub via the Internet: here you will find the widest range of products from leading manufacturers without high trade margins, get acquainted with detailed information about the properties and functions of the product and will be able to make a decision based on the independent opinion of experts and customer reviews, and not on the advice of consultants pursuing exclusively commercial goals. In the online store, you can buy hot tubs with a manufacturer’s warranty, quality certificates, and home delivery. In favor of purchasing a Jacuzzi, you can list many factors. First, you get a high-quality SPA service at home, in addition, regular hydro massage treatments can improve your well-being, prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system and improve the condition of the skin. The most important thing in every person’s life is health. Take care of your health and that of your entire family!

Sam Allcock