Crushing machines are the in-thing these days, and there are different models to pick in the market. The good news is that there are portable types you can purchase. These are incredible devices you can use in different locations, as they are easy to move around for diverse projects.

With the high demand for portable rock crusher, it is wise to go for the best design in the market. It should be a machine that guarantees more than just the ease of carrying from one site to another. In essence, there is a lot to look at before buying a rock crusher.

A rock crusher is a device designed to squash rocks into smaller pieces for gravel or building applications. There are different types to go for on the market, and it’s upon you to pick the best. Remember that a portable crusher will require tractors to move it from one location to another.

This article will share essential factors to consider buying a rock crusher. Continue reading to learn more.


Settle for a high-quality rock crusher all the time. It shouldn’t be that daunting to determine the quality of the type of crusher you want. Factors to guide you include its capabilities, level of maintenance, efficiency.

High-quality models are also durable and sturdy. They can conduct screening and crushing processes simultaneously. This is without failure, need for repairs, maintenance, or replacement of certain parts.

Type and Dimension of Material to Crush 

The material the crushing device can process, screen, or recycle is essential. A great crusher should efficiently crush different types of materials. Go for a model that has crushing components that can work on natural stone, asphalt, concrete, granite, limestone, and the like.

Consider the hardness and abrasiveness of the material to use for different applications. Evaluate the compression strength or maximum force the material of choice can withstand before breaking with your crusher. Check the thickness, width, and length of the material you will feed into the crusher.

Operating Capacity/Throughput 

Look at the operating capacity of the rock crusher. Determine how many tons of material per hour the crusher of choice can process.

A portable crusher will guarantee a large output as compared to mobile models. Hence, you will rest assured of higher productivity in your projects. Pick a type that will guarantee more than ample capacity, and a large opening equals greater crushing capacity or throughput.

Standard Features

A suitable rock crusher should come with ample features to guarantee efficiency and increased productivity. Pick a model equipped with several features that make work easier. Common things to consider include:

  • Crushing hammers that can crush hundreds of tons per hour
  • Screening and return feed attachment capabilities
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy adjustment
  • Uniform grain size
  • Eco-friendliness of the machine

Feel free to compare the available models and see what stands out in one crusher and misses in the other. Check key specifications like horsepower, feed opening size, eccentric throw range, closed side setting (CSS) range, safety, and automation.


It’s wise to think through how much money and financial resources you have to save up investing in this machine. Go for a model that will perform perfectly and meet your rock crushing needs. The price range varies from one brand or dealer to another.

Always compare the available models. Choose a budget-friendly and efficient crusher that will give you the best value-for-money regardless of the complexity of the crushing project.

To Sum Up

There are incredible factors to consider before investing in a rock crusher. A standout portable crusher should be reliable, efficient, and easy to use. You should undertake your crushing projects without worries about machine failures and meet your needs. However, getting a durable, high-quality, budget-friendly, and efficient model from a reputed dealer is a wise investment.

Graham Shear