When you were at the patio furniture store, choosing patio chairs for your outdoor patio space, did you pick out a patio chair with arms to rest your elbows on while sipping coffee in the morning? Do you wish it had an adjustable back so that if you needed to lie down and take a nap in the sun, you could do so? You might be better off getting patio chairs that don’t have arms or backs at all!

Here are seven signs it’s time to consider buying patio furniture without arms:

  1. Your patio chair has armrests but you can’t rest your elbows on them because they’re too low (or they aren’t there at all).
  2. Regardless of how high or low they are your patio chair’s arm rests keep sinking down. If the chair has removable armrests, this is normal; otherwise, it may be an indication that you need new patio chairs with higher arm rests that won’t tip over (unless someone bumps into them).
  3. The fabric on your patio chair seat is starting to look like worn-out elastic because it no longer holds you in place. It’s time for patio chairs without seat belts!
  4. The joints on your patio chair are wobbly because the bolts won’t stay tight anymore. You can tighten patio chair bolts yourself or simply buy patio furniture without patio chair bolts.
  5. The screws that attach your patio chair back to the seat keep falling out, preventing you from adjusting the back angle. If this is happening to you, patio chairs with backs may not be a good idea unless they have flip-up seats so that you don’t have to get up every time you want to change how far back your patio chair goes.
  6. Your patio chair’s legs keep sinking into the ground because there’s too much snow on your patio. Patio furniture legs are designed to hold up patio chairs only on patio surfaces, not snow-covered ones!
  7. You can’t adjust the height of patio chair feet anymore because they won’t stay in place by tapping patio chair feet into patio floor tiles with a hammer. If this is happening to you, patio furniture without patio chair feet may be just what you need.

If signs 1 through 4 are happening to you, or if you have patio chairs that don’t have adjustable backs and/or flip-up seats and/or backless options, it might be time for new patio chairs; however, if all these things were working fine and then started malfunctioning one after another (and especially if signs 5 through 7 are happening to you), patio chair legs, patio wheels, patio backs, patio fabric stretchers and patio feet may have been damaged by the snow on your patio.

More Signs You Need New Patio Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

  • You always use a beach towel as a cushion when you sit in your patio chairs because they’re uncomfortable. Also try for patio furniture cover for good chairs life.
  • Instead of sitting in patio chairs, you lie in them with the back down.
  • Your outdoor space is more of an outdoor lounge area than one where people can sit and relax.

Questions to Consider

My patio furniture’s metal patio feet are rusting, do I need new patio chairs?

Not necessarily. Patio furniture feet rust over time and water gets trapped in the patio foot holes where patio chair bolts keep them attached to patio tile or patio ground coverings. If you clean out those holes and apply a rust-proofer on the patio chair feet before tightening them down so that they don’t wobble anymore, your patio chairs may last just as long as if their patio feet didn’t rust.

How can I tell if my armrests will hold up when I rest my elbows on them?

Ask someone who has already bought patio chairs with arms to show you photos of how their patio chairs with arms and armrests look after one year of patio furniture use. If there’s not a single sign of wear and tear, invest in patio chairs with arms so that you can sit back and relax on your patio without feeling the pressure to hold yourself up constantly!


So there you have it: if patio chairs legs, patio wheels, patio fabric stretchers and patio backs are completely worn out, patio furniture replacements should be your top priority (preferably those without patio chair bolts). If those patio chair parts don’t need replacing yet but you want to buy new patio chairs anyway because the metal feet are rusting and patio chair backs won’t stay in place, patio furniture replacements could be a very good idea.

Claire Preece