Aside from keeping us safe and keeping a roof over our head, one of the primary purposes of any home is to make sure that we can stay warm when it’s cold out. That much is obvious, right? But how effective is your home at keeping you warm, really? If it hasn’t been treated with thermal wall paint, the answer might be less than you think.

Let’s look at five of the benefits of using thermal wall coatings on your home and why it can be an invaluable addition.

Give it some curb appeal

Although it has a plethora of additional benefits that rest on the more practical side of the spectrum, thermal paint is still paint. It can help you change the colour and look of your home, revitalizing the look to give your home a new sense of style.

Stop damp from invading your home

Damp is one of the most persistent and consistent problems in cold homes. Damp can spread more easily in the cold because wet walls are cold walls and vice versa. Thermal paint offers a protecting coating to your walls that stop them from becoming damper in the raid, which then stops damp from encroaching in your home. Damp can lead to damage, as well as to mould growth in the home which can become a serious health risk, especially to those with any kind of respiratory illness.

Keeping it nice and toasty

Given that it’s called “thermal” paint, you would assume it has some properties related to retaining heat, right? That is exactly correct. Thermal paint is a sealed coat that, when applied to the walls, can reduce and prevent the transfer of heat out. As a result, the home is better insulated and retains warmth more easily, making it easier to keep it warm at night or in winter.

Shield against the elements

Thermal paint is more than protective, it’s designed to be durable, as well. As such, it’s a great way to keep the walls of the home safe from wear and erosion that can be caused by the weather. It keeps the rain out and stops the walls from wearing under all manner of conditions.

It might even make you some money

The value of your property is affected by a range of things. However, buyers these days are becoming increasingly conscious of efforts to make homes more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Increasing the energy rating of your home by better insulating it can appeal to new buyers and help you give a little bump to the home’s value. It’s worth noting that since your home is better insulated, you’re also likely to start seeing a reduction in those home heating bills since you won’t need to turn the heating on as much to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

Thermal wall paint can make a huge impact on not just the comfort of your home, but the energy efficiency, the healthiness, and even the cosmetic appeal. Consider making the change your home needs.

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Sam Allcock