The winter season arrives. You’re all ready to snuggle up in your most comfortable winter clothes and drink a hot cup of chocolate drink. Then you notice that your home doesn’t seem to provide the warmth you need. You suspect that your outdoor tank has frozen up; so is the heating oil that’s inside it.

If you don’t want to get stuck in this kind of situation, prevention is the key. Here are seven tips to help you prevent heating oil or kerosene Yorkshire from freezing.

Install your oil filter indoors. Generally, indoor temperature is warmer than outdoor’s. One simple yet highly effective way of preventing your oil filter from getting clogged is installing it indoors. Wax-clogging in filters is one of the most common culprits behind frozen heating oil.

Insulate your fuel line. Another preventive measure you can do is to wrap around or sprat an insulated material into your fuel line. This will give an added layer before the biting cold of winter gets into the interior of your fuel line. To determine the most suitable insulation for your line, consult with a heating unit pro.

Invest in a wider fuel line. Speaking of preventing wax blockage, experts in kerosene Yorkshire also recommend installing a wider fuel line. And to further protect it from the low outdoor temperature levels, you might also want to consider burying it — instead of letting it exposed above the ground.

Opt for blended heating oil. One trick that heating oil pros use to prevent oil from freezing is blending diesel and kerosene. When you use blended heating oil, the cloud and freezing points will be lower than usual. However, take note that the use of oil mixes should be done under the guidance of an expert.

Build a shelter for your outdoor tank. Outdoor tanks with no shelters have direct contact with the cold. Hence, they tend to freeze more rapidly. To protect your tank and your heating oil, it’s wise to invest in building a shed around your unit. For added thermal protection, you can also opt to insulate the wall of your tank shelter.

Have your tank maintained regularly. Routine maintenance is key in ensuring your tank is in good working condition — and if it has an adequate supply of heating oil. This should be done more thoroughly before the winter season when the risk of your tank getting damaged is usually higher.

Enlist professional help. Not sure what’s the culprit behind your dysfunctional tank? Don’t make costly guesses and get help from a professional.

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