Bitcoin has been one of the most successful and largest platforms when it comes to trading and holding financial transactions. It has been well-known right after its launch way back in 2009. This platform also made it possible for trading and financial related-processes to become more appreciated and valued. With that, more opportunities were provided to the public and made success possible as it was delivered right into the hands of the clients. But all of these are not enough information to describe what Bitcoin is.

Given that, below are some facts to consider as you make your way for a deeper understanding of Bitcoin’s nature and processes. Upon completing this article, we know that you’ll learn something valuable and applicable to your plan to become successful in the near future. So, let’s start!

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto

Although the credit for developing Bitcoin in 2009 was given to Satoshi Nakamoto, we all know that it is certainly a pseudonym for a group or person who worked hard for the idea. In 2011, Nakamoto just banished from the Internet and left only a few clues as to whom these people are behind Bitcoin.

Years have passed and many people showed up in public, claiming that they are Satoshi. However, most of them failed and got suspended for being unable to support their claim with solid facts.

The title creator of Bitcoin was given to a California native named Dorian Nakamoto by a journalist who was fooled the Dorian was the person behind Bitcoin since she had similarities with Satoshi. Though, the claim was disproved by Dorian. You can visit to know more.

Craig S. Wright, an Australian academic, was probably the most famous person who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig tried a lot of times to provide facts and evidence about his claim, yet he failed. This is because of the fabrication of documents he did just to claim Nakamoto’s identity, and most especially Bitcoin.

  1. Satoshi Byte

In Bitcoin, there is a unit called Satoshi byte as a tribute and respect to Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer of Bitcoin. This unit, just like dollars, is able to be divided into pounds and cents into pence. Also, Bitcoin have its own denominations yet have a smaller size. For every Satoshi byte you use, you will receive a tiny amount of 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

  1. It was sent to space

Another fact about Bitcoin is that it has been sent to space. This happened way back in 2016, wherein the cryptocurrency made it out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Bitcoin was able to reach the space, and in this time also, Genesis mining- a cloud provider made a tie with Bitcoin wallet, as well as a 3D Bitcoin model to a weather balloon. All these were done with a GoPro as the tracker of progress. Good thing, the transactions became successful and were carried out at altitudes reaching 20 and 34 kilometers.

  1. The details of the sender and receiver are hidden

One last fact about Bitcoin is that all of the details belonging to the sender and receiver are hidden. This is made possible by having Bitcoin addresses that are long string and are composed of 34 alphanumeric characters. These addresses will then make the details hidden and anonymous to anyone. It even makes the recipient anonymous.

This became one of the reasons why Bitcoin has been a preferred method to conduct illegal transactions. Most of the wallet programs are also assigning a portfolio ID to be used by the user as a username for further privacy protection of both senders and receivers.

Now, may all these facts allow you to open your minds more to discover Bitcoin beyond anything else.

Sam Allcock