Teysha Technologies and the Kind Planet Company have entered into partnership in an exciting new deal that will bring ethical, organic skincare products with environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging to consumers. Teysha will be utilising its patented natural product polycarbonate platform to deliver second generation bioplastic lids to be used across the Kind Planet Company’s skincare range, in line with a shared ethos of sustainability and ethical production.

Matthew Stone, Teysha Technologies’ Managing Director, commented that the partnership was in line with Teysha’s desires to ensure the empowerment of women all the way back to the source of raw materials, ensuring the company takes responsibility for global sustainability for the products within the packaging as well as the ground-breaking materials used to create it. Teysha Technologies has strong female representation in many senior positions within the company, including the principle inventor of the technology and company Chief Technical Officer, and the Head of Research and Development.

The range of skincare products that the Kind Planet Company sells are developed from raw materials that are 100% natural and organic. The cultivation of the fruits that form the basis of its skincare range occurs across farms in Ghana, West Africa, where the company delivers equipment and training to women to enable them to develop profitable businesses. These women are taught invaluable skills to help them make a success of their farms and help their communities and families, earning a regular income by harvesting, processing and packing.

Duncan Clark is Teysha Technologies’ Head of Business Operations and recently helped raise investment for its revolutionary polycarbonate platform via angel investment. This funding was sourced to provide capital for Teysha to secure new contracts and deliver prototypes. Teysha will now be working on a prototype for the Kind Planet Company, with a view to enter full production following product resting in 2021.

Claire Preece