As well as providing exceptional integral blinds, the renowned Morley Glass and Glazing specialists also endeavour to support environmentally friendly products through their upcycling scheme. This article shall explore some of the ways that Morley Glass have donated sustainable resources to schools and local Yorkshire communities to make a positive difference.

Morley Glass

Morley Glass is the biggest UK manufacturer of integral blinds and specialist glazing solutions. As well as owning the sole rights over many of the base elements of integral blinds, the company boasts the ability to manufacture and deliver within five working days. At the heart of Morley Glass’ ethos is their commitment to sustainability and giving back to Yorkshire local communities.

Aim of Upcycling

Upcycling is the process of transforming products that have reached the end of their life cycle into new products or materials. Morley Glass have recognised that there are several sustainable resources within their supply chain that can be easily used or recycled to contribute to environmentally friendly products. They reach out to charities, schools, and community groups to offer their components to be turned into creative pieces of art.

Wooden Boxes

A good example of a component which Morley Glass sends onto schools is wooden boxes. These wooden boxes are used to transport some of the parts of integral blinds, therefore, once delivered the company has no further use for them. These boxes have been delivered to community centres and schools which have been received warmly by the individuals that find a creative use for them. Some of the boxes have been turned into treasure chests and money boxes while others have been transformed into toy boxes and then sold on with the proceeds donated to charity.

The children of St John Fisher Catholic primary school used the boxes in a particularly meaningful way by using them to create memory boxes to mark the school’s 50th anniversary.  The boxes were then buried as a time capsule, waiting for a new generation to uncover the history which they hold inside. Some of the wooden boxes are also gifted to individuals such as a local Yorkshire craftsman who transforms the boxes into bird houses and bug hotels which contributes to sustaining wildlife and biodiversity.

Glass Off-cuts

As well as donating wooden boxes to local schools and charities, Morley Glass also upcycle glass cut offs. An example of this can be seen through the work of local artist Gael Spishak who melts the glass down and turns it into beautiful pieces of glassware. Examples of some of the products that she has created from the glass cut offs include: a Nativity scene, bowls, and decorations. Spishak then gives her creations to community groups or sells them and donates the proceedings to charity.

These examples demonstrate that as well as producing high-quality integral blinds and specialist glazing, Morley Glass are dedicated to supporting sustainable causes and endeavour to recycle and upcycle components from their own production lines to bring joy to communities and do their bit in creating environmentally friendly products.


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Graham Shear