The diversity of furniture and designs for decorating nursery rooms is gradually becoming wider. A cozy, comfortable, and beautifully and tastefully decorated nursery is not just a place for your child to sleep and play. The atmosphere in this room affects the formation of taste and sense of style from an early age.


Decorating a girl’s room is something that requires creativity and imagination. However, stuffing it with all kinds of accessories and bright things is not the best idea. If you want to organize the baby girl nursery not only cutely but also practically, you need to determine the idea for the furniture and other details. It can be fairies, flowers, cartoon characters, or just cute animals.


Many people are used to the fact that the girl’s nursery is always pink. Perhaps, the most classic and traditional way to decorate a room for a little princess is to use only pink items, but tastes differ. The premium brand Dragons of Walton Street has various pastel shades of pink, green, blue, and white. These are warm, cozy, and charming colors that will create a gloss, grace, and comfortable atmosphere in a nursery. Another advantage of pastel-colored furniture is that it increases the illumination of the room.


Children’s furniture shop Dragons of Walton Street has many ready-made compositions for a luxury baby girl nursery in its assortment. It also provides an opportunity for customers to come up with their unique design, which will be performed on furniture by craftsmen with great skill. 


Overall, the concept of the brand is based on the idea that furnishings of a children’s room should be original and comfortable. So, the company offers stylish, high-quality, and multifunctional furniture. And with beautiful accessories, such as a girly hairbrush, a night light with your baby’s name, or personalized bookends, you can fully create the incredible atmosphere of an adorable nursery. 

Claire Preece