We usually imagine warehouses to be big, dark and noisy places, packed full of machinery and stacked to the rafters with industrial products. That’s usually true, except in warehouses where LED lighting has been installed.

With LED lights, a warehouse will still be big and noisy of course, but it’s no longer going to be dark. That’s because LED lights are perfect for the warehouse environment. They offer a bright, continuous light that can outshine traditional light bulbs. LED lights are designed for industrial usage. They help businesses to save on warehouse running costs, but also create a brighter and therefore safer working environment for employees.

There’s no reason not to install LED lights in warehouses. In case you’re still unsure, let’s take a look at why LED lights are so beneficial in an industrial capacity.

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Warehouses

The biggest positive that LED lights can bring to a warehouse is their capacity to lower energy consumption. For a busy warehouse working round the clock, this is not only fantastic for the bottom line but it’s brilliant for lowering their carbon footprint, too.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, can be up to 85% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LEDs light up when electricity is passed through a semi-conductor, an efficient process that sees most of the energy transferred into bright light. Traditional bulbs, on the other hand, lose much of their energy through heat when a filament is heated up to produce light.

On an industrial scale, 85% less energy usage translates into huge cost savings!

LED Lights Have a Broader Light Distribution

LEDs have a broader light distribution, in comparison to older incandescent bulbs. They emit much more light over a larger surface area.

That means with LED lighting, you can have more light in larger spaces. For a huge warehouse, that’s incredibly important. Not only will you need less lighting infrastructure to light up large areas, but well-placed LEDs ensure that even the darkest crevices and corners of a warehouse are no longer shrouded in darkness; they’re brightly illuminated.

More Light, More of the Time

LED lights are incredibly energy efficient so as well as giving out more light, you can keep them switched on for much longer. LED lights rarely blow out and rarely need replacing. In fact, most LED lights can last for up to 20 years before they need a replacement.

A busy warehouse is often expected to run around the clock – 24 hours a day, throughout the year. With LED lights, there can be bright light no matter what time of day it is or how dark it is outside the warehouse.

LED lights give more light, more of the time.

A Safer Working Environment

Importantly for employees, the biggest benefit of installing LED lights in a warehouse is the safe working environment they help to create.

With brighter light and fewer dark spots, visibility increases throughout the day in a warehouse. In an industrial setting, that’s crucial for health and safety.

When people can properly see what they’re doing – where they are placing boxes or what’s on the floor when they are driving heavy machinery around – there will be fewer accidents.

A More Efficient Working Environment

Brighter light not only means a safer working environment, but a more efficient one too. While employees on the warehouse floor might not be too worried about that, the managers trying to increase productivity will!

With brighter lights, work tends to happen at a faster pace and there’s no squinting and searching around trying to find things in dark corners anymore.

Light Up the Inside and Outside

LED lights are incredibly versatile and can be installed throughout a warehouse. They can be fitted on the warehouse floor, and in any offices or meeting areas too. Wherever they’re fitted inside, they will create a more welcoming work environment.

But LED lights are so versatile they can be fitted outside, too. They can be weatherproof and are seriously robust. They’ll survive almost anything, if fitted correctly.

That means that LED lights can be installed outside in delivery areas and to brighten up outdoor workspaces. They can light up the car park for safety and security, and provide illumination for outdoor walkways and paths.

Inside or outside, there are very few places within a warehouse where an efficient and brightly lit LED lighting system isn’t going to be beneficial!

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Shelby Grey